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International School Parents Teachers Association in Canton Geneva invites Co Chair of FIGT affiliate, Anne-Claude Lambelet, to address the issue of TCKs at a private event. On the presenter panel, 2 other members of FIGT Swiss Affiliate share their experience of TCK issues

Swiss Affiliate LinkedIn Group:

Ou numbers are steadily growing with 109 members currently! This is our Swiss members "go to" place for support, resources, events and the sharing of best practices to assist individuals and their Families in Global Transition and the professionals who support them through the International Assignement Process. We are beginning to plan an extension of our activities to the Zurich/Basel area. Calling all volunteers who want to help us drive this development!

Facts About Swiss Affiliate

  • Founded March 9, 2011 in Geneva
  • Co Chairs : Anne-Claude Lambelet, former FIGT Board Director & Michele Lewis O'Donnell
  • Active LinkedIn Group with 100+ members!
  • Regular events on relevant topics :
    • Third Culture Kids & transition
    • Expatriation challenges 
    • Dual career partner support
    • Global Mindset
    • Repatriation preparation

For Anne-Claude Lambelet, setting up a Swiss Affiliate was totally justified. "After all, Switzerland is one of the top locations for HQ set up in the EMEA region. In addition to the 150 Multinational companies headquarters based here, the Lake Geneva region is home for many International organizations and NGOs dealing with refugees. These organizations also displace their own personnel worldwide to support these activities."

She adds that "Talent management specialists today all agree that one of their biggest challenges is employee mobility.

FIGT created, and fosters a unique Forum that brings together representatives of the corporate, diplomatic, academic, mission & military sectors. FIGT's mission  which is to share best practices and strategize on new methods and research across sectors, positions our organization to function as a think tank in the area of international mobility.

FIGT has the ability to drive change by looking beyond the traditional offering of support dedicated to internationally mobile individuals."

 "My Co-Chair, Michèle Lewis O’Donnell and I very much look forward to the continued growth of the Swiss Affiliate and remain available to answer any questions you may have. We can be reached via"

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Videos & Interviews
Presentation of the Swiss Chapter : April 11th, 2011

FIGT Conference program director, Anne Copeland, speaks on Swiss worldradio panel addressing "TCKS, unresolved grief and university transition"? Click here to listen.

Videos & Interviews

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