FIGT Germany Affiliate


Year Established: 2019
Type: Geographical
Gathering:  In-person
Languages: English


The mission of FIGT Germany is to:

  • help spread the word about FIGT and the values it stands for
  • offer a platform for expats, internationals, locals and their families to engage with different cultures, experiences and learn from each-other
  • support expats and their families during their assignment in Germany, by teaching the different every-day systems and procedures that come with living abroad
  • educate corporate HR, professionals and businesses on the wide spectrum of Global Mobility, informing on industry how to’s & more


Jennifer King is the Co-Founder and CEO of King & Mayr, an Expat Service Broker and Admin Concierge Company that specializes in Expat Vehicle Solutions in Germany, as well as facilitating a number of Expat Network Services such as Health Insurance and others throughout Germany. A German National, Third Culture Kid and former Expat herself she gained international experience and cultural insights growing up in the United States and Germany. This combined with her business degree and with her British husband, influenced them to found a company that they are truly passionate about. Together with their team, they believe that the service and support they offer to international assignees and their accompanying families makes a positive difference on their work-life balance, family welfare and overall assignment success.

Alan King is the husband and business partner of Jennifer, Co-Founder and COO of King & Mayr. A British / German National, Third Culture Kid and current Expat who has lived and worked in Germany since 2000, he absolutely loves being a part of an international community. Having served as a Royal Military Policeman in Her Majesty's Forces British Army, serving overseas in countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, Oman, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq as well as growing up in Hong Kong, he is well accustomed to travel, last minute changes and exposure to many different cultures. The life and work experiences he has gathered equips him with an ideal skill-set that brings forth the passion he has in helping fellow internationals adjust, enjoy and make the most of their assignments in Germany.

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