Megan Norton

Megan Norton is an intercultural training specialist and researcher focusing on trends in transnational higher education and its influence on intercultural relations. As the daughter of a former U.S. diplomat, Megan identifies as a Global Nomad (and Adult Third Culture Kid); and with her extensive international experience, she has a global perspective and demonstrates cross-cultural sensitivity.

She has lived in ten countries (South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Germany, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Poland, USA), 5 US states (Virginia, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan, Washington D.C.), and has visited over 30 countries. The thematic focus of both her graduate degree coursework and professional experience has been Third Culture Kid research, intercultural communication, marketing, transnational education research, and intercultural relations. Her expertise as an intercultural trainer combined with her experience in international education has enabled her to design socio-emotional and educational programming tailored to globally mobile students. She has presented her research at several international conferences including: SIETAR-USA (2016), NAFSA (2018, 2016, 2015), CIES (2015), IMI (2014), and [of course!] FIGT (2018, 2017, 2016).

Megan is a skilled intercultural leader with strong knowledge of: marketing and public relations, training and conference presentation, project management, college and university admissions, website management, staff development, strategic leadership, global learning, and quality assurance.

Megan has served on the FIGT Board since October 2018. Contact her at

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