Robin Pascoe

Robin Pascoe is a Canadian journalist by profession and is the author and publisher of five books about global relocation and its impact on families. Her pioneering website Expat Expert was one of the first sites to offer online support for expat families. She has been involved with Families in Global Transition since its beginning and has spoken at its conferences in Indianapolis, Dallas and Houston. It was in Houston in 2010 that she and Jo Parfitt were presented with Trailblazer Awards for their work in encouraging new expat writers. The Parfitt Pascoe Writers Residency grew out of their passion for mentoring new writers. Robin currently works as the Director of Global Communications for Maple Bear Global Schools.

The title of her keynote address is:

What could make FIGT more diverse and inclusive? 

Robin Pascoe was among the first wave of expat writers to create and promote the language we use to understand the strengths and challenges of the globally mobile family. And for over twenty years, she traveled around the expat world reassuring families by introducing that language and articulating shared experiences. In her keynote address, she will re-examine the meaning of the words “families” in “global” “transition” in the context of diversity and relocation in the 21st century. And, using her trademark humour, she will share her stories of the past 20 years and her vision for the next.


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