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Building on the Basics: Creating Your Tribe on the Move

At FIGT2017 we explored the meaning, implications, importance of 'tribes' within our global lives. We invited globally mobile individuals, as well as those who sponsor, support, and study them, to share their perspectives on this broad topic.

The titles of the discussions which took place, the Sponsors which made it possible, as well as the Pollock Scholars who were chosen to attend and the Parfitt-Pascoe Writing Residents (PPWR) are listed below. Want to read beyond the titles? You can find an overview of all the presentations, as captured by the PPWR team in their conference summary: 'Insights and Interviews From the 2017 Families in Global Transition Conference.' Want to know even more? Become a member? Members have access to the past conference material as well as the community which contributed, and continues to contribute to this unique organization. Find out how you can also be a part of the FIGT community.

The Keynotes

Presentation Extracts

Presentations which opened each day of the conference.

Me Too! Lighting the Triangle Beacon – Why Finding Your Tribe Matters - Naomi Hattaway

Do Third Culture Kids Have Unique Skills? The Childhood Experience of Being Different and its Impact on Expatriate Living - Dr Anne P Copeland PhD

I Should Fear, But I Don’t. Why Do You? - Sebastien Bellin

Presentations, or powerpoints, available to Members Only.

The Early Bird Forums

Presentation Extracts

Targeting specific audiences within the FIGT Community Early Bird Forums are a unique session type that encourages the building of professional networks. The longer 90-minute format allows for multiple presenters and plenty of discussion.

Research Forum - Ann Baker Cottrell and Sarah Gonzales

Digital Living Forum - Elizabeth Douet

Empty Nest and Parenting Adult Kids Forum: Tough Love, Tough Choices: How to Cope With an Empty Nest - Jo Parfitt with Ruth Van Reken, Ellen Mahoney, Rebecca Grappo, Katherine Fortier and Terry Anne Wilson

Redefining School Admissions as a Learning Experience for Families in Transition - Sorcha Dempsey, Sara Sulaimani, Robin Berting and David Willows, International School of Brussels

Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) Forum - Doug Ota

Writers’ Forum - Valérie Besanceney

Reaching Your Tribe Through Articles Published in Global Online Newspapers - Annebet van Mameren and Birgit Kuschel

Connecting With Your Online Tribe Through Blogging When You Are ‘Abroad’ - Terry Anne Wilson and Mariam Ottimofiore

Connecting With Your Online Tribe Through Blogging When You Are ‘Repatriating’ - Jane Barron and Sarah Stoner

How to Bring a Whole Tribe Together in One Book - Lisa Ferland

Millennials’ Forum - Amanda Bate and Amy Clare Tasker

Plenary Panels

Presentation Extracts

Hour-long expert Panels are an effective way to consolidate knowledge and lead a conversation across sectors and areas of experience/expertise.

Find Your Language on the Move - Ruth Van Reken, Ute Limacher-Riebold and Rita Rosenback

Finding Your Niche: Connecting a Multicultural Past to a Meaningful Present - Marilyn Gardner with Kilian Kröll, Cliff Gardner and Katia Vlachos

The Concurrent Sessions

Presentation Extracts

Hour-long sessions focused on a single topic with one or several presenters, who speak and then engage the audience in an active discussion of the topic. Selected presentations available to FIGT Members Only

Current Research on Third Culture Kids and Their Schooling - Ann Baker Cottrell with Katia Mace, Erin Sinogba and Anastasia Lijadi

Globally Mobile Children: One Tribe or Many? - Ann Baker Cottrell

Raising Global and Mobile Children: Challenges and Solutions for International Families Using the MERCI Model - Kristin Louise Duncombe

Third Culture Families: Redefining the Traditional Concept of Home, Family and Friendship - Marielle de Spa

What Expats Can Do to Bring Hope to the World - Claudia Landini and Cristina Baldan

What is a Portable Career? The 2017 Discussion - Colleen Reichrath-Smith, Kirsten de Greling-Visman, Sacha Tanis Hopmans, Caroline van den Bogaard, Henriëtte Wentholt and Nicola Wreford-Howard

Build a Powerful Tribe: Inspiration and Techniques to Engage With Your Community and Spread the Word - Amel Derragui

Tribe Building: Secrets of Moving From Struggle to Success When Building Your Tribe - Doreen M Cumberford

What it Takes to Manage Dual Careers Abroad: Expat Value 2017 Global Survey - Alix Carnot

Effective Mediation and Conflict Resolution in Mobile Global Communities - Dana Bachar Grossman

The ABC and XYZ of Finding Your Tribe Upon Arrival: Lessons From an Active Tribe Builder - Deborah Valentine

Home Is Where... Finding Our Tribe Through Theater and Oral History - Amy Clare Tasker and Guleraana Mir

The Psychology of Adaptation of ‘Global’ People - Simone Torres Costa

You Couldn't Make it Up: The Latest Findings on the Decades of Adult Third Culture Kids - Lesley Lewis

Fostering Inclusive Tribes - Claudine Hakim and Luchy Harrold

The Ignites 

Presentation Extracts

Ignite Sessions are engaging, informative, and based on a powerful question or idea. With 20 image-based slides, advancing automatically 18 seconds to accompany, these short presentations, presented in rapid succession, are both fun and inspiring. 

Exploring the ‘Why’, the ‘How’ and the ‘Who’ of Muslim Expatriates - Maryam Afnan Ahmad

The Power of Team Sport to Create a Diverse Tribe - Lisa Travella-Murawsky

How a Third Culture Kid English Teacher in a Hungarian Village Created a Globally Local Network - Megan Norton

Childhood Losses, Third Culture Kids, and Identity Development - Maria Lombart

Finding Your Voice, Your Tribe and Hearing Other Voices Through Blogging - Janneke Muyselaar-Jellema

Finding Joy and Abundance as an Expat – Planning for Your Fulfilled Life Abroad - Terry Anne Wilson

The Kitchen Table Discussions

Presentation Extracts

Kitchen Table Conversations are informal 45-minute small group discussions around a table, reminiscent of the original discussions around Ruth Van Reken’s kitchen table that led to the founding of FIGT. These are lively, interactive conversations around a focused, practical topic.

Helping Third Culture Kids Develop a True-Self: How Psychoanalysis Can Provide a Framework to Support Third Culture Kids' Emotional Development - Gabriela Santacruz

Positively Curious - Basma Al-Rawi

Evaluation of the Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Adjustment of Expatriate Spouses - Anne Lessle

The Mindful Third Culture Kid: Using Mindfulness to Help Children and Teens Develop a Sense of Groundedness, Self-Compassion, and Authentic Connections in Global Life - Dana Nelson

Become a Global Entrepreneur: How to Make Money Doing What You Love as an Expat and Fit Into Your New Country… Fast! - Ebere Akadiri

Beyond the Conference: Launching a Families in Global Transition Affiliate - Amanda Bate

Finding Your Tribe on the Move: Creating Connections Using Social Media and Technology - Alice Wu

Tribes: How and Where to Find Them When You Live Abroad - Olga Mecking

Lasting Love on the Move: How to Bring More Resilience, Harmony and Fun to Your Relationship When You Relocate - Oxana Holtmann

Military Third Culture Kids: A Unique Perspective on Global Mobility - Kim Hunt

How to Build Powerful Strategic Alliance Partnerships on the Move - Stephanie Ward

Expanding Our Tribe - Dr Cate Brubaker

The Power of Books for Third Culture Kids and Resources for Creating and Spreading Them to Where They Don’t Yet Reach - Sara Saunders

Who I am Inside: An In-Depth Look at the Third Culture Kid Identity - Kenady Chisholm

The Pollock Scholars

The David C. Pollock Scholarship Fund pays tribute to international educator, minister, sociologist, and co-author of Third Culture Kids: Growing up Among Worlds, David C. Pollock, whose tireless support, vision and dedication to families in global transition impacted countless people in every corner of the globe. Building on Pollock’s legacy, this Scholarship provides highly motivated individuals working or studying in the intercultural and transnational mobility field the opportunity to attend the FIGT conference.

*  John Barclay * Guleraana Mir * Erin Sinogba * Lucinda Willshire *

The Parfitt-Pascoe Writing Residents
The Parfitt Pascoe Writing Residency began in 2014. It is now wholly supported and funded by Jo Parfitt and Robin Pascoe, themselves regulars at FIGT since the outset and both writers dedicated to creating and promoting content about global families in transition. Jo and Robin want expat writers engaged in the PPWR Program to strive to be agents for social change by writing about issues outside of their own experience concerning the world of serious global dislocation. The results of their writings will be available at FIGT19, and following the conference. 

*  Jane Barron * Tone Delin Indrelid * Mariam Ottimofiore * Sarah Stoner *

The Sponsors

Our speakers, presenters, panel members provide us the content; the FIGT Board and Committee members work tirelessly behind the scenes in the year preceding the conference to make it happen. But, without the support and contribution of our Sponsors, the conference itself would not be possible. In 2017 we welcomed, and thank the following for their support.

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