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Year Established: 2009

Type: Geographical
Gathering: In-person
Languages: English
Contact: boston@figt.org

The FIGT Boston Affiliate meets four times/year in members’ homes for a time of networking and appetizers, followed by a presentation or facilitated discussion. If you are interested in attending please contact boston@figt.org.


The Boston group was the first FIGT affiliate to form a result of the board of directors’ commitment to keeping the spark and energy of the annual conference alive throughout the remainder of the year. Its first meeting was convened in January 2009 by Anne Copeland and Tina Quick; 15 people interested in intercultural matters and careers discussed their hopes for the affiliate and planned how they would like to support each other. The group agreed they wanted to use the chapter to learn more about each others’ work, to explore networking and collaboration opportunities, to grapple with ideas and challenges and to learn from each other.


The mission of this group is to continue the work of FIGT beyond its annual conference, by meeting to support and educate professionals who work to improve the lives of families in global transition. We meet four times per year in the home of group members. Typically there is a period of socializing and networking over food and drink provided by the host, followed by a 30-45 minute presentation or facilitated discussion by a group member on a topic of interest. Some of the offerings have included:

  • TCKs and transition
  • Leadership across cultures
  • Successful trainings and tools used
  • Team members’ collaborations
  • How professional and personal lives relate to intercultural issues
  • Group brainstorming in assisting a group member with a work issue
  • Cultural differences in values

FIGT Boston has been and continues to be a useful resource and network for those with intercultural connections. Its members coming from all backgrounds and interests including educators, relocation experts, those working with refugees and immigrants, students, coaches, trainers and others. 


Anne P Copeland, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and the founder and Executive Director of The Interchange Institute, a non-profit organization focused on the understanding and support of people and organizations in intercultural transition. Through The Interchange Institute, she conducts research and offers publications, cross-cultural training, training of trainers, and consulting on the process of moving from one culture to another.

Anne was Associate Professor at Boston University for 19 years before choosing to take her work outside academic life. She has written several books and (for almost 25 years) a monthly newsletter on families, culture, and transition (Newcomer’s Almanac). She has completed extensive research pertaining to expatriate adjustment; and has authored over 100 research articles, chapters, and professional presentations. 

She developed and delivers the training-of-trainers course, Crossing Cultures with Competence, for experienced professionals wanting to add new ideas and materials into their cross-cultural training toolkits. And she offers workshops in the corporate, education and medical areas, helping people – from high school students to doctors to managers, as well as those who work with and support them – cross cultures and go home again smoothly.

Monica Gadaleta  is an Argentine raised in an  Italian family who has been an expat for the last 18 years with her husband from the US. In this cross cultural environment she has raised her TCK daughters, lived in three continents and has been an advocate for keeping languages, tradition and values with each relocation. Anthropology major, she has worked in multinational companies in marketing communication and has been a member of the welcome committee in the International School in Basel. Her passion for building communities and networking has lead her to take a role in a ONG that empowers woman around the world through sport, and teaching Spanish to heritage speakers in her community.

Naomi Nakamura is Japanese and lived in Jakarta when she was young,  due to her father’s job assignment. She came to the US after she married her Japanese husband, who had also lived in several different countries as a child, arriving in the US as teenager. Since graduating college in International Studies, Naomi has been in the multinational business/international field. In 2014 she started the NPO, Beyond Borders Education, to build a bridge between foreign nationals and local communities and helped expat families understand various aspects of US culture. As an interpreter, mainly in the medical field, cross-cultural communication has been always her interest and focus, with the goal of making communities a better place.   

Kreta Shah is a global nomad who has lived and worked successfully in 7 countries in the last 15 years while communicating in multiple languages. Her personal experiences as a young expat in the Baltics & Scandinavia, an expat spouse in the United States, and a mother raising a Third Culture Kid in Germany have provided her with a unique perspective on how to view, embrace and deal with cross-cultural differences. 

As a cross-cultural consultant, she supports organizations, individuals and families to navigate cultural differences to successfully transition into their new environments. Fueled by her own unique experiences, insight and curiosity, she aspires to leverage cultural differences, facilitate human fulfillment and enable successful interactions across cultures through everyday life.

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Contact the Boston Affiliate leadership team at boston@figt.org

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