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New resources for Spanish-speaking expats

10 Sep 2014 3:36 PM | Deleted user

Many years ago, FIGT member, Paula Vexlir extended her private practice to support Spanish-speaking expats worldwide. Now she is proud to announce the launch of a tool that will support the community she serves, her blog: www.expatpsi.com/blogo.

Having enough information to either make informed decisions or to know what to expect is to take a prevention-oriented approach. For Paula this is crucial since being a clinical psychologist and a researcher she has listened to many people suffering due to the lack of resources in Spanish.

Also, she recognized that the knowledge gained from some people wasn´t transferred to others, it was lost (or just shared with a few that were nearby).
Eager to build resources for the Spanish-speaking community and to contribute to knowledge resource management she has created this blog. The topics covered are the TCK experience, accompanying partners, managing the grieving process, expat parenting and other classical challenges of the expat lifestyle.

If you like the initiative, please help spread the word. There is a FB page: www.facebook.com/ExpatPsi and the blog: www.expatpsi.com/blogo. And, of course, if you would like to practice your Spanish you are more than welcome to visit us!!!

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