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Lovepat Survey: We're Looking for Lovepats. Are You One?

04 Nov 2015 6:42 PM | Judy Rickatson

What is a Lovepat? 

Lovepats are those who choose to live long-term in their partner’s homeland. This includes those who have since separated, but have children or another anchor to their ex-partner’s country.

Lovepats are close cousins with expatriates and accompanying spouses. Like them, lovepats know what it is like to live abroad.  But, lovepats live a different kind of global lifestyle.  Whereas expats and accompanying spouses eventually move on or return to their homeland, lovepats continue to build their life on foreign soil. Lovepats are busy nurturing their bi-national relationship, possibly raising bi-cultural children and finding ways to adapt, belong and do fulfilling work in their adopted country.    

This choice can add incredible joy and enrichment to their relationships and lives, as well as complexity and challenges. Lovepats are exposed to new values and traditions. They must decide how to blend two cultures; for themselves, their partner and their extended family. Ideally, lovepats are a courageous and resilient folk, who, whether they intend to or not, contribute to cross-cultural understanding and acceptance.  

Are you a Lovepat?

We are. We are Oshikan Sjodin-Bunse and Anna Maria Moore from Lovepat Living. Having chosen to become lovepats ourselves, we have a keen interest in understanding the experiences and needs of lovepats. We have created a survey so that lovepats can give voice to their unique situation.

If you are a lovepat, please take 15 minutes to have your say by filling out our survey. It will give you a chance to reflect on your life-changing decision and how it has affected you, your relationships and many other aspects of your life.  Over 400 lovepats have already given us their thought-provoking answers.

Results from this survey will allow us to raise awareness about this understudied group, and better support lovepats in building their best life. If you are interested in our research findings or would like to learn more about lovepats, please visit our Facebook group, “lovepats”, or send us an email atcontact@lovepatliving.com

If you have already filled out our survey and know other lovepats, please pass this on.

Thank you,

Oshikan & Anna Maria

To fill out the survey, click on the link below:


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