How an Unhappy Spouse Can Affect the Success of an International Posting

21 Mar 2017 6:46 PM | Anonymous

I am collecting data about how an unhappy spouse can affect the success of an international posting.  It is a very brief, initial survey asking the Executives (rather than spouses) how their spouse being unhappy may have affected them, both at home and in the workplace, during an international posting or as a local hire in a foreign country.  Many companies only consider an Expat posting a failure if the executive chooses to leave the foreign role early or is terminated.  I am hoping to demonstrate that productivity and engagement at work can be adversely affected as well, and hence the “success” of the executive may be less than their true capabilities.

I would appreciate the FIGT community sharing this survey with anyone that it is relevant to.  It is totally anonymous.

Cheryl Fry
Support Coach for Expat Spouses

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