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Wilderness Treks: A Natural Path to Healing

08 Aug 2017 12:59 PM | Anonymous

Young and old benefit from outdoor activities done with cooperation and intent. Team building provides the groundwork where individuals come to know themselves as part of a bigger picture, a 'greater good'.

Sometimes, the family may need a break from each other to work on their own to understand better themselves and where they are headed in life, their relationships, their addictions. Other times, the school needs a break from the student perhaps, to allow the student to gather his or her thoughts, gain better perspective and focus, increase self confidence and balance temperament. 

I have spent a great part of my career as an international psychologist helping guide expats in life changing circumstances. As an ATCK myself, I can tell you that there are fantastic resources available out there for expat families who are looking for answers, who are open to solutions such as outdoor or wilderness treatment. 

I was a 'guest' last week (July 31, 2017) to speak on this particular topic of Wilderness treatment on LA's Talk Radio. Care to listen to the conversation? 

Here's the magic link: http://answersforthefamily.com/july-31-2017-10-steps-to-wilderness-therapy-dr-mark-burdick-steve-demille/

You can now download my ibook for FREE from Apple iBooks “10 Steps to Wilderness Therapy” by Dr Mark Burdick. https://itun.es/us/0D7Agb.l

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