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Relocation Survey

17 Oct 2018 1:14 PM | Anonymous

#FIGTMember Lindy Chapman is gathering feedback from relocation clients around the world to share with the relocation industry about what is done well--and how the process needs to evolve to better serve today's consumer.

As a former relocation client, we experienced both excellent as well as underwhelming service that made all the difference in the success of our transition.

Your feedback will be beneficial as I seek to help the industry become more aware of the challenges and where the process falls short in order to better serve families undergoing a transition to a new city, country, or repatriating 'home.'

To assist her, please complete and share her survey.

Lindy Chapman’s passion for teaching consumers how to successfully navigate the changing real estate industry and educating Realtors on the unique needs of the relocation client stems from her own experience moving throughout the US and internationally. She is seeking feedback from Expats to demonstrate the need for a relocation training she is creating to provide those who have never moved a better understanding of the unique needs of the relocation family.

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