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Introducing the
David C Pollock Scholars 2017

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John Barclay

John Barclay was born in India on the border of Nepal, to Australian missionary parents, on the 26th January 1954 – India’s Republic Day and Australia Day! He grew up in a remote village five days walk from Kathmandu and attended boarding school in south India from Grade 1 to 10. His move to Melbourne to complete his last two years of high school was a very tough transition. In 1988 his own family began its cross-cultural journey, spending eight years in Nepal and then twenty years in India. His wife Janine is a Mono Cultural Kid (MCK) but they have raised three TCKs who are now ATCKs living in Melbourne. In John’s role as Principal of an international school in south India he had the privilege of working with hundreds of TCKs, with a particular focus on preparing them for the transition from school to university, i.e. their ‘re-entry’ (often a misnomer) to their passport countries. In 2010 John completed a doctoral dissertation using qualitative research to explore the journeys and transitions of families involved in cross-cultural ministry. Since 2004 John and Janine have helped guide numerous families in many countries in their cross-cultural journeys and global transitions. They moved from India back to Melbourne in 2015, practicing the transition experience they have preached for many years. 

Guleraana Mir

Guleraana Mir is a writer and creative facilitator. She holds an MA in Educational Theatre from New York University. Guleraana works in community settings and schools using theatre, storytelling and movement to explore diversity and creativity, to build communication skills, and explore PSHE topics. She wholeheartedly believes that theatre is perfect for analysing, exploring and commenting on our ever-changing society; and this ethos can be found in all of her practice. Guleraana’s first full-length play was long listed by the BBC as part of SCRIPTROOM 8 and her second and third are currently in development. 


Erin Sinogba

Erin Sinogba is an anthropologist, development worker, communications specialist, and passionate advocate of the environment and transnational communities. She has been an active volunteer with TCKid since 2009, where she has since taken on the position of Executive Assistant in 2010 and the Local Chapter Leader of TCKid Philippines since 2012. She also advocates for TCKs and other transnational people at TIGRA (Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action) Philippines, where she started a program for transnational children and youth in the Philippines and currently serves as a Board member. Erin is a self-identified Filipino third culture kid who has lived in South Korea (where she was born), the Philippines, Grenada, and the U.S.A.​ 

Lucinda Willshire

Lucinda Willshire is an Australian-born social worker, who has lived most of her adult life as an expat. She cobbled together a career as a consultant on family violence issues and worked often as a lone expat family counsellor. As well, Lucinda was a devoted trailing spouse and raised 4 TCKs in Malawi, U.S.A., Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Australia for over 25 years. Lucinda co-authored a children’s book Slurping Soup and Other Confusions based on real life stories from TCKs’ experiences. It is written in a therapeutic format with activities to help families give their kids a ‘stake’ in expat family life. More recently Lucinda pursued family therapy studies and wrote a paper titled ‘Emotional Underbelly of expat family life: male breadwinners, trailing wives and third culture kids’. Her aim has been to raise awareness of complex practical and emotional issues that can arise for families within the expat ‘subculture’.  In 2015 and 2016 Lucinda has been busy presenting her findings at the Australian Family Therapy Conference in Melbourne and in Cairns and at an International family therapy conference in Hawaii. Lucinda currently works as a family therapist at Parentline, Victoria, which is in Melbourne.

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