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2024 Forum

To cope with the last few years, everyone had to change course, change strategies, and change ourselves. It was the only way to adapt to the larger changes in the world. FIGT did the same, we took time to reflect, re-evaluate our mission, processes and offerings.

As we all gather momentum in our own journeys, FIGT invites us to unpack our experiences over the last few years, and join us for #FIGT2024. A smaller format than we have done before, as we offer so much over the year; but still an opportunity to learn from and share with others, and meet friends and colleagues who are in a similar situation to ourselves.

New Title

For the last 20 plus years, the community only met once a year at a large 3-day annual conference. Post-covid, the most significant change at FIGT is the addition of regular online events to cater to the needs of an increasingly diverse global community. This led to a rethink of the annual event. The retitled Forum, is a 2-day online gathering with a few, select presentations and ample opportunities for the attendees to connect and engage with each other. It is a  continuation of our culture of welcome and empathy extended with heartfelt conversations taking place during, between and after presentations.

You can learn more about the Format of #FIGT2024 here , or register to join us
on 20 and 21 April 2024, here. Details of the Program and Speakers will be uploaded soon.

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