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Forum Format
For those familiar with past FIGT Conferences, this Forum will be different. As FIGT evolves, and offers more of what would have been traditional conference materials, during the year, across the community, the Forum will be a chance to consolidate some of our experiences and expertise. However, we hope in the simplicity we are also creating moments for deeper discussion and connection among people from, living in, moving to our shared global experience.

The Forum will open with a KEYNOTE: A high-level lecture, presentation or performance. Which will be followed by Q&A among those participating. Preference will be given to accomplished speakers or performers with topics that address a universal theme. Should you have ideas for someone, please contact Deborah Valentine, Program Chair at who is coordinating this element of the Forum.

Beyond the Keynote which will open our Forum, we will be planning a total of 9 additional sessions, tentatively being planned in the formats described below.

PRESENTATIONS: Hour-long sessions focused on a single topic by one or several presenters.  Preference will be given to sessions with original, compelling information, practical resources and/or empowerment tools for families or supporting professionals that are relevant to diverse sectors and experiences. When appropriate, interactive, practice-based, solution-oriented workshops or presentations are encouraged. The suggested format is a 15 to 20-minute presentation and 40-45 minute active discussion.  

Hour-long expert panels can be an effective way to consolidate knowledge and lead a conversation across sectors and areas of experience/expertise. The ideal panel discussion will contain a big question of interest to constituents of all sectors, moderated by an experienced facilitator. To propose a panel discussion, please fill out the RFP with your information as well as the information for other panel members; we will follow up with you regarding details, including the suggestion of a moderator.

We will also be planning 2 x 30 min sessions, one on each day, to be presented by 'Board' member/role, on two differing topics. Details pending.

In order to anticipate internet quality and availability, presenters will be asked to pre-record their sessions, which will then be shared for live viewing and followed by their in-person presence for any follow-up discussions, as well as questions & answer periods. These presentations will also remain available for Forum attendance participants to view in the months following the event, and will be stored for members of FIGT on our website for future viewing and review.
Opportunities for Presenters
By leading a session, presenters have the opportunity to tap into a highly connected consortium of globally minded, cross-sector colleagues and clients. Session presenters will be included in the promotional materials for the Forum, and will benefit from shared profiles on FIGT's and the Forum's websites.

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