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The David C Pollock Scholarship Fund pays tribute to the foundational international educator, minister, sociologist, and co-author of Third Culture Kids: Growing up Among Worlds, David C Pollock. David’s tireless support, vision and dedication to families in global transition impacted countless people in every corner of the globe. Building on Pollock’s legacy, FIGT aims to attract, involve and educate emerging, global-minded, intercultural souls. It is a place where research comes to life, and lived experiences are explained and valued.

The David C Pollock Scholarship therefore provides highly motivated individuals working or studying in the intercultural and transnational mobility fields the opportunity to attend the FIGT conference. In selection our guiding question is, "Who is missing at the FIGT table?" We are looking for a diverse field of applicants across our traditional sectors, (corporate, diplomatic, research, military, mission, arts and entrepreneurial) plus voices not well represented, such as those involved in immigration and refugee work, an increase in male voices, and participants from underrepresented parts of the globe.

Excellent Scholarship applicant profiles include:

  • researchers in the field of global mobility
  • budding entrepreneurs in fields contributing towards the needs of globally mobile families and individuals
  • service and educational providers/practitioners to global nomads and families
  • writers and thinkers with cross-cultural perspectives contributing to the expat community understanding and practice
  • artists and creatives who speak from and to a cross-cultural and mobile mindset

Pollock Scholarship applicants:

  • must be first time conference attendees
  • must commit to the full conference
  • must be willing to actively assist with the sale of tickets for our raffle/lucky draw, which funds the following year’s scholarship
  • must apply before the submission deadline in September
  • will hear back in mid-October

Pollock Scholarship recipients benefit through:

  • free conference registration - will attend the conference for free
  • a partial stipend to defray travel costs to in-person conferences
  • opportunity to contribute to individuals and families in transition and those who serve them
  • contacts, networks, ideas, resources, and friendships garnered at the FIGT Conference

Families in Global Transition
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