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FIGT Scholars!

Each year, a talented group of global-minded individuals come together to bring fresh insights to the Families In Global Transition (FIGT) community. Drawn from all kinds of specialists in global mobility, Scholars contribute their new energy and ideas to our projects throughout the year.

Professionals, researchers, and storytellers share their experience and knowledge in transition, dislocation or global mobility. Scholars connect with members of our organization, enrich our resources through the whole year, and represent new ideas at the annual conference.  If you have never attended an FIGT conference, apply today to represent the future of FIGT as a Scholar.

Who are the Scholars?

The Scholars are a small group of newcomers to FIGT who share their talents with  our community in return for free membership, conference airtime, and access to  FIGT’s members and Research network. Scholars put forward the newest ideas in their role as representatives of the vanguard of FIGT.

How Do Scholars Help FIGT?

Scholars are an integral part of our community and bring with them new perspectives and future possibilities. Scholars’ integration into FIGT is streamlined, allowing them immediate access to all the benefits of membership and also space on our platform to promote their ideas. Through the year, Scholars will be interviewed for official blog posts, present on their own specialties, and may work with an affiliate or specialty group within FIGT.  Scholars add excitement to our annual conference by participating in a well-attended panel discussion and engaging other first-time conference attendees. More sentimentally, current Scholars also invoke cheerful nostalgia in former Scholars through sharing stories and magical moments from first-time FIGT experiences.

How Does FIGT Help the Scholars?

FIGT platforms scholars throughout the year, but most especially at the conference. If you like connecting with other expats and sharing your expertise, becoming a Scholar may speed you on your journey. Scholars receive:

  • Free conference registration
  • Free individual FIGT Membership
  • Opportunity to present at the conference on the Scholars’ Panel, participate in forums and virtual social hours, and contribute to specific monthly topics
  • Contacts, networks, ideas, resources, and friendships garnered at FIGT Conference including support of FIGT board members, with
  • Dedicated support from the Scholarship Chair, to mentor, guide and encourage the greatest degree of connectivity
  • Become part of the Scholars community within FIGT, who are all integrated within a cross-cultural community, and are involved in diverse sectors

Throughout the year, Scholars participate in our blogs,forums, new members meet and greets, and have the opportunity to be part of the Annual Conference panels.

Who is the Ideal Scholar?

The ideal Scholar is anyone who has not yet attended an FIGT conference, is passionate about global mobility, and has something innovative to share with our global community. Past Scholars have been educators, researchers, practitioners, parents, and individuals who work with the globally mobile community. Anyone personally invested in transition with the knowledge or drive to ease it is an excellent applicant. We have a strong tradition of inviting researchers and storytellers, but we always welcome the knowledge only experience can bring.
Some examples:

  • Researchers in the field of global mobility
  • Entrepreneurs in fields contributing towards the needs of globally mobile families and individuals
  • Service providers/practitioners to global nomads
  • Writers and thinkers with cross-cultural perspectives contributing to the expat community understanding and practice
  • Artists and creatives who speak from and to a cross-cultural and mobile mindset

In line with the conference theme, we hope to encourage the growth mindset that comes from a diverse field of applicants. We are looking to include perspectives of asylum seekers, refugees, or those involved in immigration work as we look to the future. Above all, we are looking for curious and thoughtful voices willing to share their experiences with the FIGT community at the conference and through the coming year.

A Scholar

  • Be a first time conference attendee
  • Must meet virtually throughout the year with Scholarship Chair
  • Must occasionally contribute blogs posts and/or be involved with FIGT’s outreach
  • Must commit to the full conference
  • Must participate in Scholar forums and panel discussions around the conference
  • Must apply before November 30th, 2021 - applications have now closed
  • Will hear back by December 15th, 2021

Why are we called Pollock Scholars?

The David C Pollock Scholarship Fund pays tribute to the foundational international educator, minister, sociologist, and co-author of Third Culture Kids: Growing up Among Worlds, David C Pollock. David’s tireless support, vision and dedication to families in global transition impacted countless people in every corner of the globe. Building on Pollock’s legacy, FIGT aims to attract, involve and educate emerging, global-minded, intercultural leaders. It is a place where research comes to life, and lived experiences are explained and valued.

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