Thanking Gold Sponsor CrossBorder Living Institute

16 Jul 2021 4:21 PM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

Families in Global Transition wishes to thank multi-year Gold Sponsor CrossBorder Living Institute for ongoing support of our organization and our broader globally mobile community.

Longtime member and Gold Sponsor of FIGT, Jennifer Patterson has lived abroad more than half her life. Together with her dual-national husband Jeff, they know issues surrounding cross-cultural living firsthand, having raised two tri-national children while working for Patterson Partners, their advisory firm for international clients.

Over time, Jennifer realized more needed to be done to help educate and guide those living and working across cultures, and the financial practitioners who support them. 

She created CrossBorder Living Institute with two aims in mind. The first is to provide events and training for the globally mobile to create, grow and manage their financial assets – regardless of how much or how little they might be – in a way that best supports how they want to live. 

The second is to teach cross-border technical and practice-related topics to financial practitioners who serve such clients. 

Jennifer has been a regular attendee and sponsor at FIGT conferences for several years. When we caught up wither recently, we asked about her perspective of our recent first-time online conference, FIGT2021.

“Congratulations to the FIGT Team for a job well done,” Jennifer shared. “In many ways, you managed to make a virtual conference more intimate than an in-person one.”

“I’ve made a number of connections over the years and I always hope to catch up with everyone, but rarely ever achieve that goal – partly due to so many competing conversations, activities, and the actual logistics of travel. This year, however, the virtual environment made it very easy to connect with attendees whom I might not have in an in-person environment.”

“As a sponsor,” Jennifer continued, “we were able to be of more help. For example, during the conference we were able to reach out and obtain answers from several of our professional contacts to obtain clarification on a couple of important detailed financial matters for a couple of attendees in a timely and efficient manner.”

“We also heard from a number of attendees that they really appreciated our conversation starter handout and looked forward to using it, which we were very excited to hear!”

FIGT appreciates all Jennifer and CrossBorder Living Institute have done in support of FIGT’s mission over the years, and is grateful for their continued sponsorship. 

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