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Good Goodbye and Gratitude to Outgoing Board Member: Mariam Ottimofiore, Membership Director

21 Sep 2021 12:04 PM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

It’s that time of the year again when the FIGT community thanks and gives our fond farewells to outgoing Board Members. In this post, we hear from Mariam Ottimofiore as she shares some of the highlights from her past 2 years as Membership Director.

Mariam states, "I joined the FIGT Board in 2019 to give back to FIGT; an organization that I first came to know of and love in 2016. But as usual, during my time serving on the Board, FIGT has given me more than I could possibly give it in return."

Mariam says that her time on the Board has been made even better by the amazing team she has worked along side. It has also been full of incredible learning experiences and positive experiences.

"There have been so many highlights over the past two years, it would be hard to choose just one!" There was one moment that stands out as extra special:

"Waking up on Day 2 of our first ever virtual conference to 365 messages on the FIGT Board Whatsapp group chat! With all of us spread in different time zones, we managed the annual conference around the clock as those in Australia/New Zealand fell asleep and those of us in Europe took over and then our US counterparts ended the day. It was an exercise in international coordination and logistics like no other and one which our global lives have prepared us for in so many ways. I am most proud of our teamwork leading up to the conference and beyond, but especially during those 3 manic days which I'll never forget as we problem-solved and burnt fires right, left and center!" She goes on to add, "huge thanks to every single FIGT volunteer who helped behind the scenes!"stood out as being extra special success, she remembers:

During Mariam's time as an FIGT Board Member, a wonderful new tradition was started. One which she says "has been a highlight for me personally as FIGT's Membership Director and one which I will certainly miss." She is referring to the quarterly 'Welcome Coffee & Connects'.

"We started hosting quarterly 'Welcome Coffee & Connects' to welcome our new FIGT members, introduce them to our community and guide them on the resources, groups, privileges and more that they have access to as a result of joining the organization. It was so refreshing to hear from new members themselves and hear their reasons for joining FIGT and connect them to the organization in the beginning of their membership. I hope this tradition will continue as I believe being welcoming and sharing generously what we know with others who join us is such a great reflection of FIGT and the values that guide our work. "

Thank you, Mariam, for all that you have done as FIGT Membership Director!

Watch the FIGT Blog for upcoming posts welcoming and introducing to the community our new incoming board members. 

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