Warm Welcome to Incoming Sponsorship Director, Jane Ordaz

11 Mar 2022 1:31 PM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

The FIGT community welcomes incoming Sponsorship Director, Jane Ordaz, to the Board. Here, Jane answers a few questions about herself and what excites her about her new role.

Can you please briefly describe your FIGT role?

In a nutshell I’m here to build relationships between FIGT and businesses. AKA Sponsorship Director.  Generating income is vital to the success of FIGT, and one of the ways we do this is to bring on sponsors who are vital to the work of FIGT. My role involves the stewardship of current sponsors, researching out to other companies who may be aligned with us, and making approaches to explore if we might be a good fit for each other and working across FIGT to develop a strategy that will work to grow our sponsorship offer.

What inspired you to stand for office?

Before I moved abroad, I actually knew nothing of the globally mobile community. NOTHING. And I ask myself why? (I have theories but no evidenced based concrete research, so bear with me.) I think there is a sense you have to be in it to know it. But how do you know what you don’t know, especially when you moved independently, outside of corporate structure. My journey was rocky and by a series of coincidences I met people involved in supporting our community and ultimately members of FIGT.  It was like a light went on. I want to be part of helping put that light on for others.

What’s your favourite thing about being a part of FIGT?

The people. The range of experiences, knowledge and cultural backgrounds is immense. It makes me stop and think.

Any wisdom you can share with other FIGT members, or globally mobile people in general? 

Each journey is individual. There are too many moving parts, variables, individual circumstances, personalities, backstories and differing country experiences. Remember this because while it’s great to share commonalities you are unique, which means your experiences will be too. Go easy on yourself.

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