Appreciation for Gold Sponsor CrossBorder Living

09 Sep 2019 12:38 AM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

FIGT is fortunate to have such supportive sponsors as CrossBorder Living and the Pattersons, who thoroughly understand globally mobile life and its challenges. 

We are fortunate to have supportive sponsors, and it’s particularly easy when a sponsor like CrossBorder Living shares an intuitive understanding of the globally mobile life and the challenges and stresses faced by individuals, couples and families living and working across cultures.

Founders, Jennifer Patterson, who has lived abroad more than half her life, and her dual-national husband Jeff Patterson, have raised two tri-national children while working for their own advisory firm for international clients, Patterson Partners.

Drawn to the mission of Families in Global Transition, Patterson Partners sponsored us for several years, and it was during the many conversations they held with FIGT members and conference attendees that it became increasingly apparent how challenging it was for cross-culturals to gain the financial information and services they required and also find regulated financial services firms able to provide that.

The globally mobile community is used to having to create the previously non-existent services needed to survive and thrive. So, not surprisingly, Jennifer and Jeff realized that in the face of such gaps in the international financial advising world, they would just have to step in to help close them.

This led Jennifer to write two books on the topic, the most recent being Financial Planning for Global Living.

She also went on to found CrossBorder Living, whose Global Institute for Life and Wealth teaches cross-border technical and practice-related topics to financial practitioners.

Just as importantly, it also provides events and training for the globally mobile to create, grow and manage their financial assets – regardless of how much or how little they might be – in a way that best supports how they want to live cross-cultural lives.

FIGT2019 in Bangkok saw Jennifer and Jeff once again generously engaged in listening, learning and sharing their knowledge to help participants better understand what they need to know. Because as they well know, these conversations are the inspirational seeds to enhance the structures and tools they’ve developed to help our community.

We are deeply appreciative of the Pattersons and CrossBorder Living for their continued partnership with FIGT!

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