Thanking More Patron Sponsors!

17 Sep 2020 6:09 AM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

FIGT Patron Sponsors Globally Grounded and Resilient Global Transitions recently renewed as Patron Sponsors, while Porch joined us this past year.

Title of blog, Thanking more Patron Sponsors

Families in Global Transition is deeply appreciative of all of its sponsors. Two Patron Sponsors who recently renewed their digital sponsorship tell us a little bit about themselves, and why they choose to support FIGT and its global community. 

Globally Grounded logoGlobally Grounded is a consultancy company dedicated to equipping students crossing cultures, their families, and those who educate them to effectively navigate the triumphs and trials associated with living and learning amidst diverse domestic and international cultures.

Through its three priorities of schools (international and local, day and boarding), families, and research, Globally Grounded is driven to improving the emotional, social, and educational outcomes for cross-cultural learners so that living and learning between and among cultures is not an inhibitor but an enhancer of learning for all. 

“I travelled across 9 time zones to attend my first FIGT conference and walked into a room where I knew not a single soul. Within three days I had found a home where I could be authentic, understood, valued and allowed to grow. Over the past four years, it’s where I’ve made lifelong friends and professional partnerships beyond my wildest imagination.

“Sponsoring FIGT is my way of saying ‘thank you’ and ensuring that the community, organisation and its mission continue to flourish.”

— Jane Barron, Founder of Globally Grounded

 Resilient Global Transitions

Linda A. Janssen is a Resilience, Cross-Cultural & Transformative Leadership coach, trainer, and consultant whose business Resilient Global Transitions focuses primarily on resilience, intercultural communication, transitions, identity, and change.

Linda has spent most of her internationally-focused career working with global, transnational, and cross-cultural issues across four sectors: public, private, non-profit and entrepreneurial.

She employs her own resilience-enhancing framework of tools, tactics, and best practices to help her clients ‒ Fortune 500 businesses, global mobility companies, international executives and their families ‒ meet the challenges of professional and personal transition while dealing with cross-cultural complexity, challenge and change.

She is the author of The Emotionally Resilient Expat: Engage, Adapt and Thrive Across Cultures.


FIGT is uniquely situated to bring together in conversation, connection, and community an amazing tribe of current, past, and aspiring global nomads interested in the latest topics, trends, and research to support and enhance cross-cultural life. I’m proud to invest as a digital sponsor in FIGT and its continued growth and ongoing success.”

— Linda A. Janssen, Resilient Global Transitions, Janssen Consulting Group LLC


Porch. Love your home. For moving and improving, and everything in between.

From the time you move in, we are here for you. Any time, every project, each step of the way.

Porch services is an easy and reliable way to get home projects done. Find nearly any type of home professional for home repair, maintenance, and improvement project. 

FIGT is grateful to have incredible sponsors who understand the experiences and needs of the globally mobile community. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please visit our sponsorship page.

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