Meet Your New Board: Emily Rogers, Affiliates Director

01 Oct 2020 10:47 PM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

Emily Rogers found her tribe at FIGT2019. As the new Affiliates Director, she hopes to promote community and connection “locally” through the FIGT Affiliates all around the globe.

blog title: meet your new board 2020-2021 Emily Rogers, Affiliates Director

Can you please briefly describe your FIGT role?

I am so excited to be taking on the role of Affiliates Director for FIGT. My role is to enhance the membership of our organization by supporting the Affiliate groups. These may be location-based or special interest virtual groups that come together to share resources, ideas, and connections.

What inspired you to stand for this particular office?

Since discovering FIGT, I feel like I have found my tribe. Throughout my expat life, I have been leading and supporting the community, wherever we were based. Taking these community-focused skills, I see a great opportunity with this FIGT role to support people in all “corners” of the globe, with the Affiliates providing people the opportunity to connect and share. 

Anything you particularly hope to accomplish this year? What do you look forward to?

I am already learning so much more about FIGT and hope to be a great support to the amazing team that we have. 

I was so disappointed when our conference was canceled this year; however, I see the opportunity to promote the Affiliates as another way to connect. 

It will never replace an experience like the conference, but there is so much we can do “locally” and I can’t wait to explore this.

Your favorite thing about being a part of FIGT?

Attending my first conference in Bangkok in 2019 was truly an experience of coming home. I never realized that I was missing a part of me until I found my tribe in FIGT. 

I am awe-inspired by the people who are involved in FIGT and to have this opportunity now to serve among them is priceless.

Can you share a random piece of info about yourself?

The Mumbai attacks in 2008 changed the way security in India worked. Although we had been living abroad for a few years, when we first arrived in India, I hadn’t quite gotten my head around it all and hence one of my most embarrassing moments.

Hubby and I decided to take in a movie, and to enter the mall, you have to go through security. Hubby went through the body scanner; I was about to follow when the female guard asked “you’re pregnant?” I replied “yes”—frankly, I was huge and it was rather obvious. 

The female guard then leaned in towards me—I thought it was for a hug and wrapped my arms around her. Turns out she wanted to pat me down rather than me go through the scanner.

I’m not sure who was more uncomfortable, but I blushed terribly when I realized the error I’d made!

Please share some words of wisdom for FIGT members and globally mobile people in general.

While living in India I heard the phrase “It will all be OK in the end; if it’s not OK, then it’s not the end.” I think when you’re living a global life, with so much uncertainty and change being the norm, having this piece of wisdom has helped me immensely. 

Everything does work out. It may not be how I imagined or pictured it, but the path does have it’s own journey and that is valuable in itself. 

We thank the outbound Directors for their leadership and welcome the new Directors. Learn more about Emily and the other Board members, and stay connected via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter and sign up to our newsletter to get the latest!

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