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Let’s Talk session: ‘What diversity needs to look like’

  • 08 Jun 2024
  • 5:00 AM - 7:00 AM (CEST)
  • Online (via Zoom)



Let’s Talk session: ‘What diversity needs to look like’

Date: 8 June 2024, Saturday

Time: 3 AM UTC/ 5 AM CEST/ 6 AM Istanbul/ 12 PM Seoul/ 7 June (Friday), 10 PM Houston

Location: Online (via Zoom)

Cost: FREE. Open to all.

We had a Let’s Talk session at the #FIGT2024 Forum entitled: What Diversity Needs to Look Like. The discussion was so wide and engaging that it could not be encompassed in a 45 minute time slot. Therefore we will be continuing that conversation in detail in June.

Panelists: Isabelle Min, Myra Dumapias and Tuba Kazmi with Maryam Afnan Ahmad

Panel Description: Doesn't everyone already know what diversity looks like?

Just pick any inspirational poster. Is diversity something amorphous or concrete or context specific?

And who must help define diversity standards? Are dominant cultures to be tasked with defining and creating diversity learning and spaces?

Or is it time to give the floor and resources to the global majority?

These are a couple of Maryam Afnan's burning questions this past few years. She takes it to a panel of inspiring women of Asian origin with expat and adult third culture experiences.

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