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What does it mean to be a #FIGTMember? What are the membership options and privileges of membership? Learn more.

FIGT has four Membership levels - you can read about them and their associated privileges below:

Individual - US $65.00


Reduced Membership

This rate is for individuals who may have financial difficulty paying our full membership rate. This option offers all the same privileges as our Individual Membership.

Student/Young Adult - US $29.00

For Individuals, young professionals, students interested in, or living a ‘globally mobile life’ and who are:

  • Looking for access to resources - online as well as offline in their countries of residence
  • Wishing to connect to like-minded people who may have support resources they need
  • Want to be part of the conversation surrounding global living, crossing cultures
  • Believe in the value and need for an organization to turn to when questions arise
  • A Student is someone, 18 years or older, attending High School, University or postgraduate school who is not working full-time.
  • A Young Adult is someone up to 30 years of age.

Associate/Small Business/Non-profits - US $149.00

Small business owners and non-profits who have a product or service of value and interest to people crossing cultures and borders, or are in start-up phase of providing this. With knowledge to support individuals & families and resources to offer them. See, and appreciate the value of connecting to, and sharing experiences with like minded business owners around the world. Are investing in a platform which allows them to reach their potential clients, as well as network support. Are defined as having no more than 2 employees/contractors. This is a single membership option. Should you wish to have employees also benefit from a Membership we would recommend the Organizational/Corporate Level.

Organization/Corporate/Non-profits/International Schools - US $345.00

Larger businesses and organizations, employing or providing services to individuals and families crossing-cultures, living globally mobile lives. In acknowledgement of their investment in FIGT granted multiple membership privileges (4) for employees or partners of employees to be a part of the FIGT experience, and gain from it for the greater benefit of their organization. Of particular value to international schools which will have multiple departments able to gain from FIGT and take what is learnt from it back to their communities - families, students and staff.

Additional note:

For organisations/companies/service providers or international schools wishing to have a more visible profile within the FIGT community, and on our website, year round and during our annual conference, among other benefits, we would recommend visiting our Sponsorship pages and contacting our Sponsorship Chair for opportunities supporting this: sponsorship@figt.org.


 Review our Frequently Asked Questions OR email membership@figt.org

 If you would like to change your current membership level email admin@figt.org

Member Privileges
Future privileges to be extended to our members will be communicated as they evolve

 Member Privileges  Individual/Student/Young Adult  Associate/Small Business
 Organization/Corporate/Int'l Schools/Non-profits

Access to member-only resources on FIGT website

  • Connect, communicate and collaborate directly with fellow-members worldwide
  • Access previous webinars
  • Access to past conference presentations 
  • Access to articles of interest (7 categories)
  • Access to downloadable ebook "A Reunion of Strangers: Words of Wisdom from the Families in Global Transition Conference Community"


Right to proudly display FIGT member logo


Exclusive access to closed Facebook group

Opportunity to contribute/gain professional skills and add value to/draw value from the community by volunteering for Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, Committee members or Affiliate leaders

Unlimited access to webinars & webinar archive 

10% discount at Conference Bookstore

Receipt of FIGT Newsletter

Listed on closed member only section of website

Listed on closed AND open (searchable) section of website with company/business name & website link


Access to business promotion opportunities such as submitting webinars for consideration


Contribute to News from Members - promoted on FIGT website, social media and newsletter (3 per year)


Publication of articles of interest on FIGT Blog (3 per year)


Families in Global Transition
C/O Campbell Rappold & Yurasits LLP
1033 S Cedar Crest Blvd
Allentown, PA 18103, USA

Phone: +1 (703) 634-7400
Email: admin@figt.org

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