Announcing Silver Sponsor Cross Border Financial Planning

10 Oct 2019 11:15 PM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

FIGT welcomes our newest sponsor, Cross Border Financial Planning (CBFP)!

Families in Global Transition knows the power of both word-of-mouth and our annual conference. Combined, they have brought us our newest Sponsor, Cross Border Financial Planning (CBFP).

“I was first introduced to FIGT by The International Family Law Group,” explains Edward Cole of CBFP. “Having worked with David and Lucy for several years, they invited me to speak with them at FIGT 2019. That was the start of what led to be a very positive experience. ”

Cross Border Financial Planning specializes in providing financial advice to globally mobile individuals. Their financial planning solutions provided take into account the tax, currency and legal implications of clients’ current country of residence, as well as past and future plans. They also have a trusted network of professionals across the world that they work with in areas such as tax advice, legal services, immigration advice and property finance.

“CBFP started as a result of two factors, our skills specialising in this field and an interest from all partners to live and work abroad. Our focus has and always will be to provide financial advice to a large but often underserved group – globally mobile people. Our focus has been advising those moving to or from the UK, US and Australia. However, we’re excited to be working on a new investment service that will allow people across the world to invest tax efficiently in multiple currencies.”

Edward participated in a Morning Forum panel on financial, legal and tax planning for the globally mobile. He also immersed himself in the conference experience, meeting fellow attendees and learning about the topics, trends and research findings affecting those living and working across cultures.

“I always relish the opportunity to try something new, but that feeling is often balanced with the apprehension of not knowing what to expect and this was no different. It didn’t take long though to realise that this was a friendly and supportive group that engages with interesting topics not discussed elsewhere.”

“Having started the weekend thinking, ‘I’m an imposter, I’ve haven’t lived in at least three different continents,’ I ended it believing that this was an exciting, informative and unique group made up of welcoming people from around the world.”

What does Edward look forward to most at FIGT 2020 in Bangkok?

“Reconnecting with members and likewise meeting new ones, participating in topic discussions that I wouldn’t normally be exposed to, listening and learning from different stories and viewpoints, and finally, starting the journey of CBFP being a part of FIGT. And the Thai food, of course.”

“We are thrilled to be joining FIGT 2020 as a Silver sponsor.”

We’re thrilled, too. We welcome Cross Border Financial Planning, thank them for their partnership, and look forward to seeing them in March at FIGT 2020!

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