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Issue: 35
April 7, 2015
Families in Global Transition is a welcoming forum for globally mobile individuals, families, and those working with them. We promote cross-sector connections for sharing research and developing best practices that support the growth, success and well-being of people crossing cultures around the world. 

Based on the highly popular concurrent session at FIGT15, this webinar is a fantastic way to hear the thought-provoking questions and equally insightful answers shared, and learn new perspectives on the often chaotic yet ultimately empowering journey our TCKs take.

Panel Discussion: A Safe Passage Through a Sea Change: A Review of Effective Support for TCKs From Childhood Through the Transition to Adulthood

Date: April 14, 2015
Time: 11 am- 12 pm EDT (10-11 am CDT/ 8-9 am PDT)
Webinar fee: Free for FIGT members and $75 for Non-members.
Facilitated by: Amanda Bate
Panelists: Ellen Mahoney and Jennie Germann Molz, PhD

This session features two respected experts, working in the field with children, teenagers and college students, and an adult TCK facilitator specializing in college student development and university admissions consulting.

For more information and to sign up, please click here



We are starting to plan for the FIGT 2016 Conference to be held in The Netherlands and are excited about the possibilities that the new location offers!

We want to make this conference one that reflects the unique, diverse and enthusiastic global membership of FIGT. To that end, the FIGT16NL Planning Committee would like you to help guide and inform our planning process by filling out a very short survey

To add your voice to the discussion, click here.

CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, is the United States' leading provider of relocation services, including furniture rental for home and office, destination services, apartment and home locating, touring and related services. With more than 100 offices across the US, operations in the United Kingdom and partners in more than 70 countries, no other service provider can match CORT's breadth of services and companywide commitment to providing excellent customer service.

In her day job as Director of Relocation Services at CORT, Ghadeer Hasan is responsible for overseeing their business operations to support the growth and add to the bottom line of the organization. Her focus is on strategic planning and goal setting, and directing CORT's efforts in support of their goals. A member of FIGT for the last several years, Ghadeer also serves on the FIGT Board and has been Sponsorship Chair for the last 18 months. In addition, she also serves on the board and committees of other organizations similarly committed to supporting global mobility.

On a daily basis, Ghadeer sees why her membership and work in FIGT  is valued at CORT:

"The relocation support industry is an exciting one to be in right now, and with so many activities going on, it's important to stay connected with colleagues who are working on related issues. FIGT directly supports expatriates and families in global transition, and offers members a host of resources and networking opportunities -- from the sessions at the conference to webinars and the website − making it easy for members to stay engaged. This is why FIGT is such a valuable organization: it provides consistent opportunities to learn about trends and to interact with peers."

At FIGT, we appreciate CORT's commitment to supporting those in global transition, as evidenced by their sponsorship of the recent 2015 FIGT Conference, and look forward to continuing a great partnership!
Hear Ye Hear Ye - With some great webinars coming up, if you haven't signed up as a member, now's the perfect time.

As a member you are truly connected to the FIGT experience and have access to the following benefits:
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One way in which FIGT is distinctly different from other organizations is its Research Network, a vibrant, robust interdisciplinary community of 120+ professionals working to advance the knowledge base and understanding of the experiences of individuals and families in global transition. 

Led by Ann Baker Cottrell, Sociology Professor Emerita at San Diego State University and Sarah Gonzales of Pepperdine University School of Law, some two dozen researchers and consumers of that research came together recently at FIGT15 for an engaging three and a half hour session.

Reflecting the composition of the entire Research Network, the forum participants represented a variety of sectors -- education, business, diplomacy, missions, military, international organizations. They are working on projects as varied as:
  • the evolution of post-WWII labels for TCKs, global nomads, expatriates, cross-culturals, etc., and changing geographic and age-related preferences for such identification;
  • adult TCKs' implicit and explicit leadership skills at multiple points along their career continuum;
  • linkage between self-identification with two or more societies and increased creativity;
  • awareness of and working across cultures;
  • identity, belonging and if/how age affects relocations;
  • the intersection of mobility and education in mobile families practicing non-traditional 'road schooling' or 'un-schooling';
  • addressing career gaps for spouses and domestic partners, and differences in support for males and females;
  • self-directed orientation for new arrivals;
  • how Intercultural Baccalaureate students fare in an increasingly multicultural corporate world;
  • re-entry care/support; and
  • expatriate preparation for retirement.


To aid in future research, the group took the bold step of committing to the creation of a comprehensive TCK-related bibliography and literature review; this is expected to reach at least several hundred pages in length. 
If you'd like to learn more, check out the Research Network's page on the FIGT website, on Facebook or on  LinkedIn
As the second year of Parfitt Pascoe Writers in Residence for FIGT, Beth Hoban, Lauren Owen, Lauren Power, and Taylor Murray shared a common goal: a passion to improve the lives of expat families through writing. 

In this and subsequent issues of the FIGT Connections newsletter, each PPWR will share their reflections from FIGT15. This issue features Lauren Owen:

I can't imagine a better way to attend FIGT 2015 than as a PPWR!

Entering the hotel on Friday morning there was a palpable pulse of energy and excitement. On the first day, I was convinced the energy came from the multiple cups of coffee I had consumed on my flights from Boston. But when the energy didn't wear off, I knew it was due to something else: the excitement and energy of the people who attended the conference was contagious.

No matter who they were or where they had been, whether presenter, sponsor, or first time attendee, each person in the Marriott at Tyson's Corner carried with them an inspiring passion for learning about the world and understanding its people. Each had a story to share and a desire to listen. It didn't matter if I was sitting in a writer's forum group with Ruth Van Reken [see photo], having breakfast with Marilyn Gardner, or scribbling notes during Tayo Rockson's Ignite session. Their empathy for the world is inspirational.

The best part is that as a PPWR, I get to help these passionate people share their stories. The conference may have ended on March 8th, but their ideas and messages continue to impact all of us.

-- Lauren Owen is an adult TCK from Taiwan who enjoys writing about and exploring the intersection of culture and education. 



FIGT Boston Affiliate

The FIGT Boston Affiliate meets every 6-8 weeks in a member's home on a weekend afternoon for wine, cheese, networking, and a lively discussion around cross-cultural issues that impact our lives or work. If you are in the Boston area and would like to know when our next meeting is, you can email Tina Quick at  tinaquick@comcast.net or Anne Copeland at copeland@interchangeinstitute.org.

Also, the FIGT Boston Affiliate has now created a LinkedIn group and welcomes you to join. The FIGT Boston Affiliate LinkedIn Group is a place to share innovations, discuss ideas and develop collaborations amongst professionals in the Greater Boston area and beyond interested in the cross-cultural aspects of global transitions. 


FIGT Korea Affiliate

Throughout the year, the FIGT Korea Affiliate organizes monthly meetings to support TCKs and expat families in Korea. For more information on the upcoming meeting, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/tcknetworkkorea/.

For more information about the FIGT Korea Affiliate, check out their page on the FIGT website or contact Isabelle Min at minisabelle@tck.or.kr


FIGT Netherlands Affiliate

The FIGT NL Affiliate was excited to learn that next year's conference will take place in The Netherlands. They are thrilled #FIGT16NL is heading their way! The next Affiliate meeting is scheduled for June 5th, 2015, featuring Anne Parker and Diane Lemieux discussing their book, The Mobile Life.  


For more information about the FIGT Netherlands Affiliate, check out their page on the FIGT website or contact Co-Creators Kate Berger, Kristine Racina or Vivian Chiona at netherlands@figt.org.

FIGT Switzerland Affiliate

For information about the FIGT Switzerland Affiliate, check out their page on the FIGT website or contact them at switzerland@figt.org.

FIGT UK Affiliate

We are sad to share that Claire Snowden and Wendy Wilson have resigned as FIGT UK Affiliate Co-Chairs and have chosen to dissolve the FIGT UK Affiliate, effective April 1.

Since 2011, Wendy and Claire have been great supporters of the work of our organization and have opened many doors for FIGT's mission to become recognized in the UK.

On behalf of FIGT, we would like to honor Wendy and Claire for their contributions to the field of global family support, and we wish them only the best in their future endeavors.

For their message to the membership, click here


Check out the latest post here: 


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