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Issue: 40
July 13, 2015
Families in Global Transition is a welcoming forum for globally mobile individuals, families, and those working with them. We promote cross-sector connections for sharing research and developing best practices that support the growth, success and well-being of people crossing cultures around the world. 
Thank you to all of you who responded to our call at the conference for nominations for the upcoming Board elections. We had some wonderful candidates put forward and FIGT's Nominations Committee has been hard at work conducting interviews for open board positions for next year. The committee is chaired by Ellen Mahoney of Sea Change Mentoring and is comprised of four dedicated volunteers:
  • Ryan Haynes, Counselor at the International School of Bangkok
  • Jennifer Patterson, Cross Border Wealth & Lifestyle Expert
  • Shaheen Khan, President of the World Bank Family Network
  • Mel Smith, Account Director at Paxton International
This team represents the diversity of our community and true commitment to the health of FIGT.

Our board members are all volunteers and the work can sometimes be like a second job, which is why we look for nominees who are truly dedicated to FIGT's mission and work. We will be excited to share with you the slate of nominees at the end of July for membership review.

Interest and suspense are high as FIGT continues the process of preparing to hold its first conference outside the USA. The FIGT board has interviewed and selected an event manager in The Netherlands where we will be holding the FIGT16NL conference, tentatively scheduled for March 2016. 

While the event coordinator is checking floor plans, mapping and logistics for the event, the program committee is working on the theme and rolling out the request for proposals for the conference.

We will be actively seeking speakers for the following sessions - keynotes, concurrent, ignites and kitchen table sessions.

Stay tuned to the Newsletter and social media for updates as they develop.#FIGT16NL
The David C. Pollock Scholarship allows emerging interculturalists to attend the FIGT conference for free, to share their research and experiences with others working with globally mobile individuals, and to make connections to help advance their research and careers. 

FIGT15 introduced six new Pollock Scholars, three of whom presented on how to use a Third Culture Kid background to make a difference in the world, on communicating globally with word and art, and transnational identity. Two of the scholars came as ambassadors for immigrant and refugee perspectives. One of our scholars brought tools, resources and principles for holistic care of globally mobile families.

"Participating in the FIGT15 Conference as a Pollock Scholar this spring was both inspiring and deeply moving for me. I have been investigating TCK identity in my writing and in international school workshops for years, but the opportunity to sit with other adults who've made it their life's work gave me a profound sense of community. In the months since the conference, I've spoken about FIGT's impact to other expats and TCKs, and have also suggested to the international schools that that closing keynote speaker Doug Ota's book, Safe Passage, is essential reading."

Brittani Sonnenberg is a writer, TCK Workshop facilitator, and author of the highly regarded novel Home Leave. Learn more about Brittani at http://brittanisonnenberg.com/.



FIGT Boston Affiliate

The FIGT Boston Affiliate meets every 6-8 weeks in a member's home on a weekend afternoon for wine, cheese, networking, and a lively discussion around cross-cultural issues that impact our lives or work. If you are in the Boston area and would like to know when our next meeting is, you can email Tina Quick at tinaquick@comcast.net or Anne Copeland at copeland@interchangeinstitute.org.

Also, the FIGT Boston Affiliate has now created a LinkedIn group and welcomes you to join. The FIGT Boston Affiliate LinkedIn Group is a place to share innovations, discuss ideas and develop collaborations amongst professionals in the Greater Boston area and beyond interested in the cross-cultural aspects of global transitions.

FIGT Korea Affiliate

Throughout the year, the FIGT Korea Affiliate organizes monthly meetings to support TCKs and expat families in Korea. For more information on the upcoming meeting, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/tcknetworkkorea/.

For more information about the FIGT Korea Affiliate, check out their page on the FIGT website or contact Isabelle Min at minisabelle@tck.or.kr.

FIGT Netherlands Affiliate

The FIGT NL Affiliate is excited that FIGT is going global with the annual conference and bringing #FIGT16NL to The Netherlands!

The most recent Affiliate meeting was held on June 5th, 2015, featuring Anne Parker and Diane Lemieux discussing their book, The Mobile Life. While previous meetings have been hosted by Expat Kids Club or The Expatriate Archive Centre, this meeting was hosted by Webster University, The Netherlands, the only U.S.-accredited university in The Netherlands offering both a BA/BS and MA/MBA education. Webster ensures high quality learning experiences that prepare students for global citizenship and individual excellence. Check them out online at www.webster.nl.

Despite the gorgeous Dutch weather, the meeting was attended by approximately 25 participants coming from all corners of the country. Diane sparked a lively discussion around the definitions we apply to individuals who are part of the expatriate community ("trailing spouses, TCK's, expats, immigrants," etc.). There was also excitement in the room, as many of the affiliate participants are eager to learn more about the upcoming FIGT global conference taking place in The Netherlands! The next NL affiliate meeting will take place in November.

For more information about the FIGT Netherlands Affiliate, check out their page on the FIGT website or contact Co-Creators Kate Berger, Kristine Racina or Vivian Chiona at netherlands@figt.org.

FIGT Switzerland Affiliate

For information about the FIGT Switzerland Affiliate, check out their page on the FIGT website or contact them at switzerland@figt.org



A short report on the most recent presentation at the FIGT Netherlands Affiliate meeting, Definitions We Apply to the Expatriate Community.  

Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly warns us of The Downsides of Do's and Don'ts in Intercultural Guides

The Dilemma of Belonging Everywhere, and Nowhere contributed by Jonelle Hilleary who says she transitioned "the hard way."

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