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Early Bird Forums
  • Targeting specific audiences within the FIGT Community Early Bird Forums are a unique session type that encourages the building of professional networks. The longer 90-minute format allows for multiple presenters and plenty of discussion. Choose one of three.

  Thursday, March 8 2018 | 08:15-09:45

Early Bird Research Forum

Led by Ann Baker Cottrel, FIGT Research Network co-chair 

This Early Bird Research Forum doubles as the FIGT Research Network’s Annual Meeting and is open to anyone interested in research. Come to learn what the Research Network has been doing and contribute to plans for future Research Network activities. This is a chance to meet informally with those who are interested in research on globally mobile families as researchers or research consumers.

Early Bird Writers Forum

Led by Carolyn Vines and Caroline Allen 

This Early Bird Writing Forum will connect storytelling and writing. Carolyn Vines will focus on how to tell, not write, your story and Caroline Allen will explore on how you can unleash the book within you. 

Early Bird Video Forum

Led by Alice Wu

Hearing Student Voices: A twenty year discussion on the benefits and challenges of a globally mobile life

"There's a lot of beauty that comes from just being able to determine who you are, on your own terms -- not that that's a fixed thing -- it's exciting and also scary." -- Ana

Come hear stories from global nomad/TCK students at Cornell University and five other colleges. Students from various countries and cultures share experiences and insights in 1994, 2001, and 2014. Video clips highlight students' perspectives about benefits and challenges of their backgrounds, and advice for others with globally mobile lifestyles. We follow two students who shared college experiences in 2001, then reflect back as ATCKs in 2010/2011. Finally, we will explore what has changed and what remains the same for global nomads/TCKs during these last 20 years.

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  Friday, March 9, 2018 | 08:15-09:45

Early Bird Research Forum

Led by Ann Baker Cottrel, FIGT Research Network co-chair 

A panel of researchers presenting their work at FIGT 2018 will discuss conducting research on globally mobile families – approaches, issues, difficulties, successes. Come to meet the researchers who create so much of the data we use and to get the inside story on how the research is done.

Early Bird Entrepreneurs Forum

Led by Amel Derragui, Gina Dunn, Lisa Ferland and Stephanie Ward

The Early Bird Entrepreneur forum will help FIGT attendees understand how to create a small business that is fulfilling, flexible, and location-independent. Learn from four women who have created their own businesses in different ways and share their best practices with future and current entrepreneurs.

Early Bird Writers Forum

Led by Jo Parfitt and Terry Anne Wilson

Friday’s topic for the Early Bird Writing Forum is the power of letter writing by Jo Parfitt and Terry Anne Wilson. This thought-provoking presentation will include readings from six months of writing, from friend to friend. Honest and vulnerable, these words are the basis of a new book, Monday Morning Emails, and include a myriad of issues that impact an expat life. 

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Saturday, March 10, 2018 | 08:15-09:45

Early Bird Coaching and Counseling Forum

Different approaches to support the well being of families in global transition

For the first time at FIGT we are delighted to present a professional forum dedicated to the psychology and best emotional support of families in global transition The presentations will be followed by questions and a discussion.

Tami Nelson and Kelli Sanness: Surpassing Resiliency: Helping Global Children Flourish Overseas.

Shellee Burroughs: How can the use of Art Psychotherapy Support TCK’s in an International School Setting?

Dana Nelson: Embracing the Challenges of International Life as Unique Opportunities for Personal Growth & Emotional Development.

Early Bird Research on Education Forum

Kim Hunt and Susan Kelly: Military Children on the Move: The Cultural Identity Formation of Military Children.

Stephen Toole “Mobility and social and emotional needs of TCKs” 

Early Bird Writers Forum

Led by Olga Mecking and Alaine Handa

Saturday’s topic for the Early Bird Writing Forum is on how to tell, sell, and publish your expat stories by Olga Mecking, Monica Williams, and Alaine Handa. Each presenter will provide insights on how you can use your voice, in writing and other forms, to tell your best stories and how to eventually publish and sell them, no matter where you live. 

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