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03 Jul 2020 11:02 PM | FIGT Blog Editor (Administrator)

FIGT outlines the steps we plan to take to explore how our community might respond to racism, inequities, disparities, and discrimination around the world. We start out with two ‘Conversations for Change.’

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In the weeks since George Floyd’s death, many were spurred into protesting, listening, and learning about racism, not just in the United States but around the world. During this time, FIGT’s leadership has also been considering how we as a community might respond, not just to racism, but also to inequities, disparities, and discrimination—and the many ways they appear around the world. 

Like all of you, we have been listening and learning. We are grateful to everyone who has shared their experiences and passion with us, and our community of members.

At our most recent Board meeting, which was devoted to this topic, we agreed to the following steps. We believe that these are in line with our commitment to being an opening and welcoming forum for all, and supporting the growth, success, and well-being of the globally mobile community.

We will:

  • Form a small task force of FIGT Members who would like to help us think strategically and longer-term about disparity, and our response as the FIGT global community.

  • Host two virtual meetings on these issues, open to all in our community to attend.

  • Include a Focus theme on expat privilege & equality in October.

  • Share resources from a wider range of racially diverse voices on our social media platforms and run regular checks on the diversity of voices reflected in our blogs and other content.

  • Gather data regarding the racial and ethnic diversity of the expatriate community.

‘Conversations for Change’

‘Conversations for Change’ will be a short series of virtual discussions, open to all in our community. Each meeting will begin with a short presentation to stimulate our thinking and will then be open for conversation.

Our goal is that each discussion will be a starting point for gathering together individuals with a heart to work towards change. 

Introducing Conversations for Change - a message from FIGT President, Dawn Bryan

Events details and registration

Flyer of event with Ezinne Kwubiri

Working for Equity – Global Mobility and Organisations

July 14th at 9.30 am New York / 4.30 pm Athens / 8:30 pm Bangkok

To find the time for your location, click here.

Conversation Host LaShell Tinder with Ezinne Kwubiri.

As well as being Treasurer for FIGT, LaShell is the Head of Global Mobility for North America at H&M. Her colleague Ezinne is the Head of Diversity and Inclusion and was scheduled to be one of the keynote speakers at FIGT2020.


Flyer for virtual event with Danau Tanu

Working for Equity – International Schools and Education

July 29th at 8:00 am Perth / 7:00 am Bangkok / 8:00 pm New York (July 28th)

To find the time for your location, click here.

Conversation Host Trisha Carter and Danau Tanu.

Trisha is the Executive Secretary for FIGT and an Organisational Psychologist, Danau is an Anthropologist who has written the book, Growing up in Transit - The Politics of Belonging at an International School. Danau was scheduled to be our opening keynote speaker at FIGT2020.


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