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  • 14 Jan 2021 7:07 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    We often love New Year for the possibility that a fresh 365 days can bring. But so often we realise a few weeks in, that despite our positive intentions and resolutions we are reverting to the 'same old, same old'. If this strikes a chord with you, then let me help you move from 'Stuck to Unstuck.' 2021 doesn't have to be a sticky year despite all the uncertainty that surrounds us. Register for my free webinar: From Stuck to Unstuck: Creating Positive Change in 2021.

    Date: Friday, February 12, 2021

    Time: 3:00pm GMT (UK)

    Louise Wiles is a change and transition coach and consultant. Her coaching and training programmes focus on supporting individuals and companies through the challenge and opportunity that comes with change and transition, including international relocation. She uses a strengths-based wellbeing framework as the foundation for creating positive change based on an inspiring vision of the future.

  • 13 Nov 2020 9:01 AM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    Sea Change Mentoring and Globally Grounded present the latest report card on international schools transitions-care.

    Ellen Mahoney (Sea Change Mentoring) and Jane Barron (Globally Grounded) are delighted to share their latest research with you.

    Their independent research project surveyed the international school landscape to identify the common practices, challenges and opportunities in transitions-care.

    The COVID-19 Pandemic has thrust the world into transition, confirming that change is our constant companion and highlighting the need for individuals to actively engage in the process of transition in all contexts of life.

    Join the conversation with Ellen and Jane as they discuss their findings and provide useful information for international schools seeking to improve the way they care for young people impacted by global mobility and provide optimal transitions-care for their entire school community.

    Date: Wednesday, November 25, 2020

    Time: 8am Jakarta | 9am Singapore | 12noon Sydney | 5pm (Nov 24) Los Angeles

    Prior to this session, you will receive the link to join the conversation online.

    Ellen Mahoney, MEd., is an alumna of international schools, the CEO of Sea Change Mentoring, and a Council of International Schools Affiliated Consultant. She is the only professional working with international schools who is certified in mentoring program supervision. In 2013, Ms Mahoney was named a David Pollock Scholar and an Echoing Green Semifinalist for founding Sea Change Mentoring, which provides consulting, program design, and professional development for international schools developing Social and Emotional Learning, mentoring, advisory, wellbeing, and transitions programs. In 2019, she launched The Circulus Institute, which provides blended learning opportunities for school staff with a focus on wellbeing and adult social and emotional learning. She is the author of Ten Strategies for Educators' Wellbeing: A Handbook for Schools During the COVID-19 Outbreak and is the host of the Sea Change Podcast, a podcast that discusses wellbeing, social emotional learning, and the power of relationships in international schools. She is currently based in New York City and San Francisco.

    Jane Barron, MEd., is founder of Globally Grounded, a company dedicated to equipping students crossing cultures, their families and those who educate them to effectively navigate the triumphs and trials associated with living and learning amidst diverse domestic and international cultures. Ms Barron consults and presents to international and local schools (day and boarding), along with students and their families, developing their understanding of the impact of cross-cultural mobility, creating programs and implementing support mechanisms to enhance learning and life. An evaluator, developer, designer and collaborative implementer of customised comprehensive school-based transition and cultural integration programs, Barron’s work is informed by 27 years’ experience in education including both international and local schools, parenting two TCKs while living and working in South East Asia, a domestically mobile childhood and a repatriation to Australia. A Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) Board Member, Families in Global Transition (FIGT) member, Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA) member and Parfitt-Pascoe Writing Scholar, Ms Barron is co-author of Insights and Interviews from The 2017 Families in Global Transition Conference - Building on The Basics: Creating Your Tribe on the Move. Her writing has also been published in International Teacher Magazine, International School Magazine, The International Educator, I Am A Triangle and she blogs at Currently, Ms Barron is based in Sydney, Australia.

  • 05 Nov 2020 8:58 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    Debriefing is a fancy way of saying “tell your story” and it’s a vital skill for third culture kids to acquire at any age. Join Kaleidoscope for a Creative Storytelling workshop. You will learn the importance of consistent and creative debriefing and walk away with easy-to-use tips and tools to process with your TCKs, be it at a debriefing session or around the dinner table after a long week.

    WHEN: Nov. 13, 2020, 11AM EST (recorded replay available to anyone registered)

    1 hour LIVE workshop
    3 creative worksheets to use with your TCKs
    Bonus: Our best tips to create safe spaces and connect with kids and teens virtually.

    HOW: Visit to register!

    Jessi grew up in Uzbekistan and graduated from Hope International University with a desire to help families just like hers who were spending their most formative years between cultures— voila, Kaleidoscope was born! She channels all of her creative energy into new and exciting ways to engage TCKs, wherever they are in the world. She can currently be found outside of Boston, Massachusetts, USA spray painting any used furniture she        can get her hands on and on Instagram, @jessi_rue.

  • 04 Oct 2020 7:08 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    Nomad Nation, if you want to find an idea to create your own portable business that allows you to make an impact and generate revenue from home or on the move, which one of these situations below is you?

    A. Love the idea but I couldn't do that - I have no business experience!

    B. I want my own portable business but I don’t have a business idea.

    C. I am so ready to start a business! I have lots of ideas and don’t know which one to choose!

    A. That voice telling you that you can’t have a business is wrong! You can do this and I can help you make that big mindset shift you need to get started on finding the right opportunity for you.

    B. This is a great place to be - what if I could give the roadmap to find the right business idea for you?

    C. Amazing! I am going to show you how to choose the best option for you!

    Whether you are A, B or C, I am really excited to share some big news with you.

    Sundae Bean and I invite you to this special virtual workshop on Thursday October 15th at 8am EDT - 2pm CEST - 9pm JST to help you take the first steps towards finding the right portable business for you.

    In fact, this is not going to be the typical webinar! During this live workshop, you will have the opportunity to start brainstorming on some ideas and get feedback.

    Together we will cover:

    • What the 10 steps to find the right business idea for you are.
    • How to know where you can make a difference and generate revenue.
    • What needs to happen to go from ideas to a business that is viable, profitable, and portable.

    Are you ready to find out how to get started on building your portable business dream? Click here to register to this free workshop.

    Amel Derragui is a business and marketing coach and the founder of Tandem Nomads. When she gave up her career to join her husband abroad, she started her consulting business in marketing and branding to provide strategic solutions to various clients in major industries across three continents. Six years later, discovering a real need for expat spouses to find their own source of fulfillment and financial freedom, she launched Tandem Nomads. Amel has since been featured for her work on the cover story of Forbes Magazine in Austria, Global Living Magazine in the US and other media. She has done a number of speaking engagements at various organizations including the UN, World Bank and IMF. More info on:

    Sundae is an intercultural specialist and solution-oriented coach. She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and host of the podcast, Expat Happy Hour. Sundae is the mother of two third-culture kids and has lived overseas since 1998. Originally from the US, she has lived in Switzerland, Burkina Faso and is now in South Africa. She has helped individuals from more than 60 countries go through transitions and change.  Sundae also works with individuals seeking more purpose and meaning as they face the challenges of living globally mobile lives as well as supporting multinational companies and NGOs to help their employees make the most of their time abroad.

  • 19 Sep 2020 8:45 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    Have you recently moved to a new city or country during the COVID-19 pandemic? (Or know someone who has?) Then please join us for our online event!

    Moving to a new city is never easy especially if it involves an international relocation, or perhaps even more challenging, re-entry to one's 'home' country following an Expat assignment. Add COVID-19 to the moving mix--and the turmoil and chaos created enters uncharted territory!

    If you have recently relocated or are planning a move in 2020, join Doreen Cumberford, Lindy Chapman, Suzi Worley, and Lynn Greenberg for an online conversation Oct. 1 about the challenges of connecting in a new city and how to navigate the transition in a post-COVID world.

    Reserve your free ticket, join the conversation and connect with others in the relocation community

    We look forward to seeing you soon!

    P.S. If you haven’t relocated but know someone who has, please feel free to share the link with others who might be interested.

    Date: Thursday, October 1, 2020

    Time: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM EDT (New York)

    About the Hosts:

    Sponsored By:

    • Pivt — Lynn Greenberg is a former Expat and founder of Pivt, an app designed to reduce the emotional churn of relocation.
  • 19 Sep 2020 8:32 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    On 5 October, the Expatriate Archive Centre will hold its semi-annual Information Morning online for the first time. This also marks the first time our only regular event is open to a global audience rather than to people who can travel to our office. Please join us as we discuss our services, current initiatives, opportunities for volunteering, and more. If you are interested but cannot attend the live session, you may still register with an option to receive a recording of the event.

    Date: Monday, 5 October 2020

    Time: 14:00 CEST (The Netherlands)

    * The event will take place on Zoom and will be recorded.

    Since March, the EAC has changed how it works in response to government-issued guidelines that help protect the staff, volunteers, and researchers against the risk of the novel coronavirus. The show must go on, however, and we are excited about the opportunities that doing most of our work online offers — including this Virtual Information Morning.

    * The deadline to register is Sunday, 4 October 23:59 CEST.

    The EAC exists to facilitate quality research that promotes and enhances a better understanding of expatriate life. We are located in The Netherlands but have a global outreach. We count more than 130 family archives from 14 nationalities in 120 countries in our holdings, and we hope to add many more in the coming years.

  • 19 Sep 2020 11:35 AM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    I'm excited to announce that my memoir about our time as expats living in China is here! -- 'CHINA BLONDE - How a newsreader's search for adventure led to friendship, acceptance...and peroxide pandemonium!' is available now. I know that any families who've made the transition to living overseas will relate to my trials and tribulations along with the incredible experience living abroad brings.

    A journalist with over 20 years’ experience, Nicole worked as a producer, reporter and news presenter at Sky News Australia for a decade. She currently works as a freelance writer and speaker, based in Sydney, Australia. CHINA BLONDE is her first book.

  • 22 Jul 2020 8:14 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    The Interchange Institute is now offering its popular workshop, Crossing Cultures with Competence, online. This unique training-of-trainers program is designed for those who are already working with people from other cultures and who want new ideas, new materials and a new level of understanding about how to offer a top-notch cultural orientation. We will resume in-person workshops when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, online delivery, delivered by a team of senior trainers with expertise in varied sectors, has been very welcome, especially with the FIGT community. Use this time to get the structure and materials you need to combine your expatriate journey with your professional and/or volunteer experience.

    Wondering if this might be for you? Let’s set up a quick chat to help you decide. Contact Space is limited. See for details.

    Dr. Anne Copeland leads the team of master trainers for this online workshop. She is the founder of The Interchange Institute whose mission is to study and support the needs of people in intercultural transition. She served on the FIGT Board and Program Committee for many years and joyfully welcomes its members to this course.

  • 18 Jun 2020 6:06 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    It's easy to take family for granted, isn't it? Until you go to live in a different country…

    Visits are great, and near impossible right now. Zoom is magical. But it can’t replace hugs. Or being there in times of sadness and celebration. 

    As expats and migrants, long-distance familying is a poignant experience. Often desperately wanted, but also overwhelmingly hard some days.

    Helen Ellis’s thought-provoking research on distance grand-parenting gives insight into what it takes for all family members to succeed in staying emotionally close, while physically apart.

    Mobile Relocation brings you a FREE webinar with Helen on Wednesday, 24 June @ 7:30pm NZST. 

    Click on the image above to convert to your time zone.

    We hope this webinar provides support to the expat and migrant community familying from afar in the COVID-19 world. Please invite your grandparents and distant family members to join us too. Places are limited, so register now.

    Bridget and Helen are both FIGT members who, despite being fellow Kiwis, met at an FIGT Coffee and Connect session!

  • 10 Jun 2020 2:26 PM | Anonymous

    The COVID-19 global pandemic has caused closed borders and grounded flights around the world. We are doing research into how the situation has affected expatriates and their families. Will it impact their motivation and willingness to live and work abroad? In a global pandemic what happens to the global talent pipeline? Post COVID-19 what will the 'new global' look like? Have you been affected? Most importantly, wherever you are in the world, we hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and well. Take our survey here:

    This research is a collaboration between FIGT members, who are intercultural scholars from universities in Hungary, Belgium and the UK - based in Singapore and Malaysia. It will contribute towards PhD research and to papers for submission to academic journals and conferences.

    Joyce Jenkins is an experienced intercultural business coach, facilitator and consultant. She also teaches and researches intercultural communication at universities, with a special interest in supporting and developing global individuals and their families.

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