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  • 22 Nov 2021 7:16 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    In April 2021 author, Helen Ellis of published the successful, Being a Distance Grandparent – a Book for ALL Generations.

    “Helen’s book was a huge comfort read. As a distance grandparent I often feel a disconnect with local grandparents, but this book filled in all the gaps.”

    In 2022 Helen will publish, Being a Distance Son or Daughter – a Book for ALL Generations.

    FIGT members will relate to this title: this is you. When guilt of the left behind family is such a dominant emotion for expats and migrants, this book will give YOU comfort, and as the reviewer above says, "fill in some gaps.”

    Also coming in 2022 is the audio book version of Being a Distance Grandparent, narrated by Helen.

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    Helen Ellis, M.A. is a New Zealand researcher, author, anthropologist, veteran of Distance Parenting/Grandparenting and the Founder of Through her book series she helps ALL generations of Distance Families understand "how it is" for the other. This creates empathy which is a good thing for Distance Families. www.

  • 10 Jul 2021 11:09 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    Help your third culture kids build ongoing friendships and get consistent debriefing with TCK Club!

    TCK Club by Kaleidoscope is for globally mobile kids ages 7-16 and is just as mobile as you are! Join a 6 week session and connect with third culture kids all over the world for one hour a week. Get started with TCK 101 to learn all about culture, identity and healthy transitions then choose from a variety of Clubs that are offered by theme (like dance, games and even computer coding).

    There are three ways to join the Club:

    1. Do you have third culture kids ages 7-16? Get them registered for the next TCK Club session, starting July 26
    2. Do you have a TCK 16 and up? Encourage them to apply to be a volunteer TCK Club leader!
    3. Looking for new and creative ways to connect with third culture kids yourself? Join the TCK Club team as a contracted, expert leader.

    Kaleidoscope celebrates every third culture journey. TCK Club has a spot for you and your kids!

    Jessi is a TCK, just like your kids. She started Kaleidoscope from her own desire for better community and consistent debrief during her mobile childhood. Jessi loves using creativity to help TCKs process their unique stories. Visit to find out how.

  • 11 May 2021 10:08 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    The first of a three-book series - the 'how it is' of Distance Familying from the parent/grandparent's perspective. With understanding comes empathy... and empathy is a good thing for Distance Families. Available via the FIGT Bookstore.

    Helen Ellis is a New Zealand researcher, writer, anthropologist and a veteran of Distance Grandparenting. She is the Founder of and is an encourager of empathy within intergenerational, Distance Families. 

  • 20 Apr 2021 3:45 PM | Anonymous

    Anne Copeland, PhD, the founder and director of The Interchange Institute is announcing two opportunities for emerging and experienced interculturalists:

    (1) A new online survey, Building and Nurturing Your Intercultural Career, focuses on how you got started doing intercultural work, what you’ve tried to do to promote our work and/or small business, and what worked and what didn’t. Please be part of this global survey by completing it and sharing the link with your community – the more respondents, the more helpful for all.

    (2) We’ve announced our upcoming schedule for our training of trainers course, Crossing Cultures with Competence, both on line and (in the fall, in compliance with health advisories) in person. Many in the FIGT community have found this course an important stepping stone for launching their careers.

    Next up: May 21 and 24-27, 2021.

    See for details.

    Anne Copeland, PhD, is founder and director of The Interchange Institute. She is a researcher and an intercultural psychologist, and former FIGT Program Chair and board member.

  • 03 Apr 2021 8:07 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    *You are looking for ways to amplify how you serve expats but you don’t know where to start.

    *You’re ho-hum about your products and services because they seem invisible in an oversaturated market.

    *You’re tired of the solopreneur grind because you can’t get ahead and need a breakthrough. FAST.

    *You’re frustrated because you feel you’re wasting time and money creating content that doesn’t grab attention.

    *You’re unmotivated because you lack a clear action plan, and there’s no one to hold you accountable.

    *You’re insecure about your business operations because you’re not confident they’re efficient.

    The excuse factory is closed. Empower yourself with Expat Coach Coalition, a methodology you can trust, be proud of, and that can provide you with financial independence for years to come -- regardless of where you live!

    Expat Coach Coalition is more than a program, it is a community diverse exceptional solopreneurs working remotely around the world.

    Our coaches have experience in Africa, Europe, North America, Middle East, and Asia. We fuse our individual superpowers into one international coaching dream fleet and we’re looking forward to adding coaches from even more locations!

    After more than a decade of professional experience in the global mobility landscape as an intercultural strategist and solution-oriented coach, Sundae Schneider-Bean is sharing her proven methods, materials, and secrets for success to bring much-needed resources and support to our community right when they need us the most.

  • 03 Apr 2021 7:52 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    This is the first book written in Portuguese for anyone who is moving internationally or is supporting families in global transition. A practical guide and filled with real histories, it is a useful and fun book to have.

    Guia prático para quem pretende se mudar para um novo país escrito por duas brasileiras com muita experiência no assunto. O livro traz dicas, depoimentos, indicações de leitura, sites de referência e uma pequena lista de prestadores de serviço que ajudarão o leitor em cada etapa do processo de transição internacional – desde a tomada de decisão até a formação de um lar em qualquer país do mundo. Uma ferramenta preciosa para quem pretende se lançar nessa aventura.

    Carolina is a multi-cultural international transition coach, an author, and a seasoned expat. She serves international individuals and families through one on one sessions, works with corporations to support their expats, and is available for public speaking engagements. Carolina is a former board member of FIGT and currently serves as the co-leader for the FIGT Brazil Affiliate. 

    Carolina é uma coach internacional multi-cultural, autora e expatriada de longa duração. Ela trabalha através de sessões individuais com pessoas vivendo fora de seus países de origem, apoia empresas e seus expatriados e esta disponível para apresentações e workshops. Carolina foi diretora da FIGT e hoje eh co-lider do Afiliados Brasil.

  • 13 Mar 2021 8:35 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    This workbook addresses the multitude of challenges that need to be mastered in order to find a job in another country as a migrant or expat spouse.

    By giving step-by-step guidance and hands-on exercises to complete within each chapter, the book is an engaging professional tool that is clear, easy-to-use, and practical. While providing technical guidance and self-development tactics, the workbook also provides intercultural insights about why the Swiss labour market is often perceived as “more difficult to crack” than other labour markets.

    "Switzerland" is an example for a destination where many migrants and expat spouses would look for a job. Most of the exercises are valid in any cultural context and in other expatriates hubs such as Dubai or Singapore too.

    Angie Weinberger is a global mobility coach. She coaches expats and their partners through her programs. Angie has always worked in international human resources, specializing in global mobility throughout her corporate career. In 2012 she founded Global People Transitions. Angie is the author of The Global Career Workbook and The Global Mobility Workbook.

  • 06 Mar 2021 8:54 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    Why buy The Global Mobility Workbook and our learning support?

    Global mobility is currently undergoing a global transformation. New technologies, the constant evolution of companies, generational diversity, and political situations have evolved the roles and lives of mobile professionals faster than existing policies can keep up, calling for a clear focus on the processes to be updated to better cater for the people we serve.

    Are you, as a global mobility professional, feeling overwhelmed by the speed and scope of this ‘boom?’ Perhaps you need to introduce yourself to the field and get a better, broader overview of global mobility.

    Maybe you are in HR or a line manager and want to ensure that you are becoming an employer of choice for younger generations demanding global mobility as a prerequisite for working with you.

    Or, you are just on the brink of deciding for or against an international assignment as an expat or expat family and want to better understand the language we use.

    How we will help you:

    Working with The Global Mobility Workbook and our learning support will enable you to:

    ● run your business or line of work in a more strategic way by gaining a deeper understanding of the trends and drivers of global mobility

    ● develop and sort your legal framework, policies, guidelines, and exception management

    ● give you models for improving how you can explain what we do to the outside world

    ● support expats and their spouses and enhance the expat experience through training, coaching and gaining a deeper understanding of the psychological effects of cultural adjustment

    ● develop your professional profile and foster global competency

    Angie Weinberger is a global mobility coach. She coaches expats and their partners through her programs. Angie has always worked in international human resources, specializing in global mobility throughout her corporate career. In 2012 she founded Global People Transitions. Angie is the author of The Global Career Workbook and The Global Mobility Workbook.

  • 28 Feb 2021 2:26 PM | FIGT News Editor (Administrator)

    The Expatriate Archive Centre created a Master’s Thesis Award to celebrate and reward talents who produce outstanding master’s theses that help to further understand the impact of expatriation on people’s lives. Expatriates as a group tend to ‘fall through the cracks’ when it comes to being represented in official government archives, as well as in global migration studies. We endeavour to shift and expand understandings of what an ‘expatriate’ is.

    The submission deadline is 31 March 2021. The winner is announced 15 July 2021 and awarded 500 euros, followed by the promotion of the first-place thesis.

    The Expatriate Archive Centre collects and preserves the life stories of expatriates worldwide for future research. We are located in The Netherlands but our outreach is global. We are here to serve researchers around the world!

  • 20 Jan 2021 10:38 AM | Anonymous

    Calling all mental health professionals! Would you like to take your business to the next level this year?

    Then come join us in the Location Independent Therapists Community!

    Co-founded by FIGT members, Melissa Parks and Sonia Jaeger, this community provides a dedicated space for therapists who want support and inspiration as they grow their portable businesses. We offer peer supervision, a book club, virtual co-working sessions, business meetups discussing all aspects of starting and growing a successful online practice, and much more! Doors open for new members just a few times a year and will be open February 1st-6th. Would you like to join us?

    Click on the following link to learn more and sign up for updates at:

    Dr Sonia Jaeger is a German-French psychologist, psychotherapist and full-time digital nomad. She provides online counselling to the globally mobile in German, French and English and is the co-founder of the Location Independent Therapists Community and co-host of the German podcast "Mit Psychologie und Laptop um die Welt".

    Melissa Parks has her PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology and provides online coaching to expats and global nomads. During her 10 years living abroad she worked in mental health settings in both Spain and the Netherlands and repatriated back to the United States in 2019. She’s trained to teach the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program and is the co-founder of the Location Independent Therapists Community.

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