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  • 21 Dec 2018 3:10 PM | Anonymous

    Tina Quick, author of "The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition" and "Survive and Thrive: The International Student's Guide to Succeeding in the U.S." will be delivering a two-day Training of Trainers course at NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand April 24 & 25, 2019. A 15% discount will be offered to anyone who also registers for the Families in Global Transition 2019 conference April 26-28 at the same venue.

    The "Transitioning Successfully for University" Training of Trainers Program is structured for individuals and organizations working with adolescent third culture kids (TCKs), cross-cultural kids (CCKs) and international students and their families, whether they are making the college / university transition or repatriating to their home country. 

    Tina Quick is a cross-cultural trainer, author, and international speaker. Often referred to as the “Transitions Expert,” Tina is the founder of International Family Transitions, a consultancy with a focus on empowering individuals, students and families to successfully negotiate international relocations through cultural training, seminars, and workshops.

  • 19 Dec 2018 4:44 PM | Anonymous

    Stanford Online High School (OHS) is very excited to join Families in Global Transition as a Corporate Member.

    A selective, independent school for grades 7-12, Stanford OHS serves a worldwide community of academically talented and intellectually curious students with placement by ability. Dedicated instructors, of whom 65% hold PhDs, help students pursue their passions in real-time, online, college-style classes. Through these vibrant seminars, the rigorous curriculum challenges students to reason analytically, think creatively, and argue critically. 

    Complete with a robust student life, academic advisors, and counselors, the supportive environment fosters independence, strength of character, and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge while students cultivate lasting friendships. Stanford OHS also offers students the flexibility to explore other academic and extracurricular endeavors with options to enroll full-time, part-time, or single course.

    Applications are currently open with the following admissions deadlines: January 16, 2019 for Round 1 and March 15, 2019 for Round 2. To learn more, please visit

  • 17 Oct 2018 1:14 PM | Anonymous

    #FIGTMember Lindy Chapman is gathering feedback from relocation clients around the world to share with the relocation industry about what is done well--and how the process needs to evolve to better serve today's consumer.

    As a former relocation client, we experienced both excellent as well as underwhelming service that made all the difference in the success of our transition.

    Your feedback will be beneficial as I seek to help the industry become more aware of the challenges and where the process falls short in order to better serve families undergoing a transition to a new city, country, or repatriating 'home.'

    To assist her, please complete and share her survey.

    Lindy Chapman’s passion for teaching consumers how to successfully navigate the changing real estate industry and educating Realtors on the unique needs of the relocation client stems from her own experience moving throughout the US and internationally. She is seeking feedback from Expats to demonstrate the need for a relocation training she is creating to provide those who have never moved a better understanding of the unique needs of the relocation family.

  • 08 Oct 2018 4:14 PM | Anonymous

    ATTENTION! Expats, Expats Partners, Digital Nomads, Online Entrepreneurs
    Our new Free Virtual Summit is coming up on November 5th!

    If you liked the last year summit, Take Your Career With You, you will love this one, as we are going to explore how you can actually achieve results in your portable career and online business without being overwhelmed with all the info out there.

    • Do you want to thrive in your portable career and business and FINALLY get results?
    • Do you feel overwhelmed with ALL the Information out there about how to create a successful online business?
    • Are you an expat, globally mobile woman who want to create a portable career/business around your international life?
    Join 25+ leading experts who are sharing with you their knowledge and expertise about building their portable careers and businesses in an effortless way, productivity, marketing strategy, life abroad and transformation.

    Registration is NOW open! Watch/Listen FREE:

    And the best part is that this global online event is absolutely free!

    Our interviews will reveal:

    • How to build and grow your own portable career or business without burning out and being overwhelmed
    • Get crystal clear about what is your purpose and message, and how to communicate it to your ideal clients
    • Shift Your Energy And Mindset To get results in alignment with your desired lifestyle
    • Learn and Apply Effortless Success strategies to get you to market your portable career/business and drawn your dream clients to you
    • And much more
    We are starting on the November 5th and you can book your FREE Spot Here: 

    Effortless Success means taking inspired action, creating flow, and following strategies aligned to your own personalised style.

    Dominika Miernik is an award-winning Career and Expat Coach, with over 15 years of living and working abroad, mainly in Italy and the UK. She helps expat and globally mobile women to create a fulfilling career and business around their international life.

  • 12 Sep 2018 10:46 AM | Anonymous

    Arriving Well: Stories of Identity, Belonging and Rediscovering Home After Living Abroad is launched on Amazon!

    If you know anyone who would be interested go ahead and share it with them. And please write a review on Amazon once you've read it (which I know will be soon!).

    Doreen Cumberford is a Speaker, Author and Coach. She loves to help expats, travellers and globals make smoother, more joyful transitions between countries. She specializes in re-entry and returning home. 

  • 03 Jul 2018 1:28 PM | Anonymous

     “This book is a great ‘how to’ for anyone considering a global move. Katia Vlachos highlights the need for leaders to pay as much attention to planning for potential lifestyle, support system and cultural changes as they do for taking the new role. Neglecting to do this can lead to unhappiness and frustration in the initial stages of the move, potential under performance and, in extreme cases, even failure in the new job.”

    Alan Watts, President, Asia-Pacific, Hilton

    About the book

    In 2017, there will be almost 57 million expatriates worldwide. While the number of corporate expat assignments is growing steadily, these are expensive and fail all too often for avoidable reasons. Many expats move with minimal preparation, unrealistic expectations, and are left with insufficient resources to deal with the practical and emotional implications of a move. The result: failed moves, stressed families and damaged careers.

    This book addresses a growing need to prepare people for making successful moves. Adjusting to a new environment and culture, immersing oneself into a new life – both professional and private – navigating culture shock, defining and maintaining a sense of home; these are all big challenges.

    “An amazingly complete book that looks at the needs of adults as well as children in any global move. It includes thoughtful advice wise movers must consider in order to maintain emotional and physical balance during this time. A Great Move is replete with solid, practical suggestions for what all members of the family can do to not only move well, but also thrive in the new place. For all those planning to move, this book is invaluable.” 

    Ruth E Van Reken, co-author of Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds

    The author

    Katia’s professional background is in policy analysis. She holds a master’s degree from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and a PhD from the RAND Corporation. Katia is a seasoned expat herself, having lived in eight cities, seven countries and three continents in the past 20 years, and currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland. Contact Katia.

  • 04 Apr 2018 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    Build on your life experience and existing intercultural skills to learn how to develop and deliver top-notch, well-grounded cultural orientations for people moving from one country to another. Leave with new insights, honed skills and a full kit of materials, ready to take this next step in your career. Sept 20-21 in Boston. Oct 3-4 in Dublin. Dec 3-4 in Washington, DC.

    Contact us at to inquire about attending our workshop in 2018.

    Submitted by Anne Copeland, PhD, the Executive Director of The Interchange Institute. Anne served on the FIGT board and as Program Director of FIGT for 10 years. She has trained over 400 people around the globe through her Crossing Cultures courses.

  • 04 Dec 2017 4:03 PM | Anonymous

    This must be the perfect way to decompress and consolidate after the FIGT Conference. Do you love to write and long to find your tribe and discover your unique writer's voice? If so, then this is an event you cannot afford to miss. 

    Jo Parfitt, author, author's mentor, publisher and founder of FIGT's Parfitt Pascoe Writing Residency has designed a Writers' Retreat to run for four nights starting the day after FIGT closes. 

    Stay in a charming boutique hotel in the heritage heart of The Hague, be inspired by art, architecture and the city's multi-cultural vibe as you learn how to write in different genres and expand your writing comfort zone. Visit art galleries, historic Delft and discover the stories of little-known locals.

    Only five places remain on this blissful, indulgent Writing Me-Treat. Costs include all food, trips, accommodation and excursions.

    Come along and find yourself and your soulmates in this safe and nurturing environment. 

    Share a room and save up to £200!

    Jo Parfitt has dreamed of running writing retreats for many years. Now, her dream is coming true as she creates the perfect culmination to her 30-year and 30+ books career as a writer, author, publisher, author's mentor and teacher. Her company, Summertime Publishing, specialises in books by and for people in transition.

  • 30 Oct 2017 11:05 AM | Anonymous

    Calling all International School Educators, Counsellors and Leadership

    Does your school resemble a revolving door – students, families and staff constantly leaving and arriving?

    Do you have:

    • students from culturally diverse backgrounds struggling to integrate into your school community or engage effectively in learning?
    • teachers searching for strategies to equip and support their Cross Cultural (CCK) and Third Culture (TCK) students?
    • parents from culturally diverse backgrounds struggling with transition or worried about their child’s emotional, social and intellectual wellbeing?

    Would you like to do more to support your students, parents and colleagues as they navigate the triumphs and trials associated with global transition? This webinar series is for you!

    Transitions 101: Tips and tools for transforming your school’s transition program


    International schools are the most popular educational platform for families in global transition yet they are often ill-equipped to address the challenges associated with mobility. As places with high turnover, transitions affect everyone, whether you are the one leaving, arriving or staying, whether you are local or international and whether you are a student, family member or staff member.

    Managing mobility is the responsibility of every international school but knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

    In this live two-part webinar series you will:

    • Cultivate awareness around mobility’s impact upon yourself, staff, parents and students and how that experience shapes how you and they relate to others
    • Develop a common language to enhance communication and understanding of these issues
    • Further your knowledge of international mobility research well-being and learning
    • Be equipped with practical tools and strategies to build or enhance transitions programming at your school


    You will receive a Research Bibliography and Recommended Resources to continue your knowledge transformation.


    Ellen Mahoney is the founder of Sea Change Mentoring and an alumna of International schools. Sea Change Mentoring delivers transitions-informed consulting services, program audits, and social-emotional learning curriculum designed just for international schools. She is the only person in the international school community who is certified in youth mentoring supervision which she earned at Fordham University’s School of Social Work. Clients include schools like Singapore American School and the American School of the Hague and organizations like Pearson and the IMF. She was a co-founding member of Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) and a 2013 David Pollock Scholar.

    Jane Barron (BA Dip Ed, MEd) - Founder of Globally Grounded, youth intercultural transition specialist and culturally responsive educator, writer, speaker and consultant to local and international schools. Driven to improve emotional, social and educational outcomes for cross-cultural learners, Jane equips schools to support and empower culturally diverse learners, their parents and those who educate them. A Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) steering committee member and 2017 Parfitt Pascoe Writing Residency Scholar, Jane’s writing has been published in International Teacher Magazine, International School Magazine and The International Educator.

    Each session will be 1 hour.

    Date & Time:
    PART ONE - Monday Nov 20, 2017 13:00 CET 
    Laying the Foundations for an Effective School-Based Transition Program

    PART TWO – Thursday Nov 30, 2017 07:00 CET
    Building an Effective School-Based Transition Program at Your School

    USD 149 for two sessions

    We are big believers in collaboration. If you are unable to attend one session, a colleague from your school may take your place for the other session.

    Registration closes November 17 so book now as places are limited.

  • 17 Oct 2017 11:49 AM | Anonymous

    Are you thinking about creating a portable career or business which you can take with you wherever you want to live?

    Are you an expat/expat partner looking to build a portable career so you don't have to reinvent yourself every time you move?

    Or are you secretly dreaming about quitting your 9 to 5 job, become a digital nomad and enjoy your location independent lifestyle?

    Dominika Miernik, Career and Business Coach, has a very special invitation for you. She will be hosting a 2 Weeks Free Online Summit called Take Your Career With You and you are invited.

    This event, Take Your Career With You is bringing together a panel of over 20 experts, including coaches, online entrepreneurs, psychologists, expats, TEDx speakers, business mentors, expat entrepreneurs, digital nomads and best-selling authors.

    Together they offer their knowledge and expertise in the areas of building a portable business and career, transformation, remote and location independent job opportunities.

    And the best part is that this global online event is absolutely free!

    Our interviews will reveal:

    • How to find your own Portable Career or Business idea based on your skills, interests and talents
    • How to Reinvent your career and figure out what you really want to be doing
    • How to find a Remote Job, succeed in a Skype job interview so you can work from anywhere you want to live
    • How to Narrow Down your Many Ideas and know on which one to focus
    • Success Strategies to get you market your portable career and attract your ideal clients
    • Actionable Steps and daily routines to get you started and clear on your goals and help you move your portable career idea to a new level
    • And much more

    Dominika Miernik is Career Coach and Business Idea Generator for women. She specializes in helping expat women seeking to make an international career change to navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with discovering their dream career. Visit her website. 

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