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Lightning Presentations will be pre-recorded. They are engaging, informative, and based on a powerful question or idea. With 20 image-based slides, advancing automatically every 18 seconds to accompany, these short presentations, presented in rapid succession, are both fun and inspiring. At this stage we do not anticipate having live Q&A following the Lightning presentations, but there may be a Q&A for Lightnings later in the week.

Lightning Presentations
Sunday, March 14, 2021 07:00 UTC

Cross-Culture, Cross-Community, Identity, and Conflict

Sarah Black

Listening to Ruth Van Reken and Daniela Tomer talking about Cross-Cultural Kids at FIGT2019, Sarah began to relate their ideas to her personal experience of growing up in Northern Ireland. In this session, she’ll explore how her personal history in a region where identity is still contentious and confusing might relate to the expat world and what cross-community and cross-cultural practices might have in common.

What Does It Mean to Have ‘Special Needs’ While Crossing Cultural Borders?

Aya Ninomiya

Moving countries with a brother who acquired a brain injury, I felt like I needed to have his back... well at least be his ears. His differences were invisible and for me, he was still the same caring, curious, and intelligent older brother he always has been. But I knew something wasn't right when he wasn't viewed as "the same" when we moved to the US. Since then, I learned to pay closer attention to others' perceptions of someone's capacity to do something. How does an ESL teacher determine how much English a child with a hearing impairment can learn? How does a teaching team decide when an autistic child needs extra support because they are not fit to learn in the mainstream classroom? As an occupational therapist working with English and Japanese-speaking mobile families, I keep asking myself -- How can we learn to find value in 'special needs' and embrace 'these' differences? 

How Writing a Book Builds Bridges

Jo Parfitt

After working with more than 200 expatriate authors over the last 20 years author’s mentor and publisher, Jo Parfitt, knows the power of publishing. Learn how each step of the process ‘from brainwave to bookshelf and beyond’ will grow your global network, brand, reputation and client base. See how reaching out to a global community builds bridges, changes lives and produces a better book.

Current Research on Adult Third Culture Kids' Educational and Career Choices

Christian Shull

The identity of Third Culture Kids is becoming more prevalent as we move closer to a global society where families travel and live all around the world. The importance of this study can be seen in how this new global population is interacting with society as adults. Christian analyzed whether these decisions have changed over the past 20 years, and what, if any, differences there were in the decisions of ATCKs from various cultures and backgrounds. His research includes a comparative study between the previous research and a new recent survey that features Adult Third Culture Kids’ identity and their educational and career choices. It also analyzed these choices from Adult Third Culture Kids born from bicultural and multicultural parents.

Share Life Together: Create the Sense of Home Through Visual Arts From the Individual to the Community

Freda Sue

The challenge of the change in geographical location and verbal language is expected. However, coping with cultural shifted aftershock could be a much longer process. The visual art form creates a common ground helping people speak through universal sensory cross cultures. It also brings opportunities to the community associating one another and contributes from the inside out. This presentation will provide general ideas about how cultural diversity enriches a community-based environment.

Depression: Bridging The Chasm, Bridging The World

Jane W Wang

Depression is an experience commonly shared amongst many in the globally mobile community given hidden losses and the confusion of transition. Yet going through these 'valleys of the shadow of death' can be transformative and give rise to new inner strength, new empathy for the human condition, and a new calling to support one another through life's valleys. Depression can be our greatest teacher if we let it, and on the other side, new learnings are harvested, new chapters opened. Shedding light on the darkness together, we truly 'embrace and bridge differences' and empower this community to support one another through the spectrum of experiences that make up a globally mobile, cross-cultural life.

Faith and the TCK

Jessi Vance

As a global community, how do we leverage our unique worldview and cross-cultural awareness to equip TCKs to navigate their own unique identity and bridge gaps between different religious backgrounds? Jessi Vance broaches 3 discussion questions around faith and the TCK, and introduces complementary, tangible tools to engage the next generation of third culture kids, whether you are a parent, teacher or TCK advocate, to empower them to navigate their own faith journey—while learning from and engaging with those of differing faith backgrounds and building bridges between communities.

Visibility at Work: African Professionals Embracing Differences to Unlock Opportunities

Tracy Oyekanmi

A snapshot of a new wave of foreign professionals of African descent contributing to human capital globally. Participants will learn perspectives on how their embrace of western work differences and bridging cultural ethics elevates them to be visible at work, and hear real stories, beyond the refugee narrative of "taking," illustrating the "giving" contributions to the social economic development of their new communities.

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