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Karla A Fraser

Karla A Fraser is a current expat, global educator, educational consultant, expat career coach, & entrepreneur. 

Her story to date includes being a third culture kid (TCK) in Jamaica. Karla has lived in six countries (USA, Jamaica, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Commonwealth of Dominica, and Singapore). She has worked in five countries and traveled to 45+ others for tourism and cultural enrichment.

The expatriate (expat) life began 12 years ago when Karla sought to merge her passion for global adventures with her international affairs background. Her professional career includes twenty (20) years in higher education administration, of which nine (9) have been international. She also has two (2) years’ experience in corporate conference planning. Karla's area of expertise includes student housing management, student services, conference services management, facilities planning, human resource allocation, staff recruitment and placement, budgeting, and technology implementation.

In 2019, Karla officially expanded her portfolio by becoming an expat career coach and entrepreneur by founding Roseapple Global, LLC. The accumulated experiences over the nine years internationally has equipped her with the in-depth knowledge needed to prepare and guide aspiring, new, and continuing expats. Thanks to the Digital Age, Karla is able to expand her reach and provide the same invaluable opportunities for people from varying backgrounds across the globe. As a result of her life experiences as a TCK, global work experiences and travels, she wants to help others achieve their goals of expat living.

Karla graduated from the University of North Dakota and Ohio University with degrees in History and International Affairs, respectively.

Currently, she is adapting to being a location independent entrepreneur in SE Asia.

Jacob Daniel Huff

Jacob Daniel Huff is an international educator with a unique perspective formed by a childhood lived in two very different worlds. Moving across three different US states by the time he was in elementary school and later moving from a farm in southwest Arkansas to Vietnam, Jacob had never heard the term TCK. Even still, he realized that he and his friends, from a wide range of nations, were unique and they considered themselves internationals.

As an adult, Jacob has carried his TCK outlook to four different countries accompanied by his Korean-born, American wife and nine-year-old daughter. He worked with people with hearing loss in Vietnam before becoming an international educator. As a teacher first, and an elementary principal in more recent years, Jacob has worked with TCKs in Vietnam, China, the United States, and Malaysia. He now serves as the Elementary Principal at Oasis International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He is currently working on his doctorate in curriculum and instruction and plans to focus his dissertation on TCK-related issues. The area that interests him most is how students develop a sense of identity in an international context. Jacob is passionate about helping students develop grit, perseverance, and the skills to thrive in their internationally mobile and multicultural lives.

Asako Noda

Asako Noda is currently involved in starting up a new international school in Tokyo. Inspired by the education she had as a child in the UK, she is also implementing children’s creative writing programs in educational institutions. Asako was born in Singapore, grew up in the UK but did not have the opportunity to be fully identified as a returnee in Japanese schools due to the definition of “returnee” in Japan. After many years of living in Japan, she discovered that she may not have been a returnee but perhaps a TCK, and that was when her journey of “identity searching” began. Her passion and interest are to help create an environment for better understanding of ourselves and others for a more diverse Japanese society. She is currently a trainer at an international NGO which organises children’s cross-cultural camps.

Tracy Oyekanmi

Tracy Oyekanmi is a Marketing Communications professional with over a decade experience working with multicultural teams across Europe, Asia, The Middle East, and Africa. This exposed her to be a CCK while coaching C-Suite executives to adapt to their new environment and managing different time zones.

She experienced firsthand the realities of global mobility herself while combining a Graduate degree and having a baby last year led her to understand both sides of the divide.

She is the host of Visible At Work Podcast where she shares actionable insights and brings guests with similar stories to discuss their unique experiences of working abroad. Her goal is to offer communication skills training solutions for foreign professionals to navigate workplace issues in a new country.

Tracy is currently part-time an Integrated Communications tutor of a UK marketing certification for an approved learning partner across Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana, is also rounding up her Strategic Communication Master’s degree at La Salle University Philadelphia while living with her family in Vancouver Canada. Back to dealing with different time zones!

Jessi Vance

Jessi Vance grew up in Central Asia, graduated from Hope International University (Fullerton, CA 2013) with a specialized degree in Third Culture Kid Care and is uniquely equipped to connect with and advocate for a growing, culturally confused population. In 2013, Jessi founded Kaleidoscope, a non-profit committed to seeing third culture kids not just survive but thrive. She's currently based out of New York and survives on a steady diet of airplane food and coffee.

Maddie White

Maddie White is an adult TCK who was born in the US and grew up in Fiji, Australia, Thailand, and South Africa, before returning to the US as a teen. She went to Smith College to get her BA in history and then to Simmons College to get her MSLIS in Archives Management. She currently works at Smith College Special Collections as their Processing Archivist, where she arranges and describes historical materials related to Smith College and women's history.

As an archivist and historian, Maddie is interested in documenting and preserving the history of TCKs, especially TCK history that falls outside the dominant narrative of the British Empire and US expansion. She is particularly committed to preserving the stories of TCKs who are non-white, disabled, LGBTQIA+, and/or non-Western. From her own experience as a disabled, asexual woman, Maddie is familiar with how infrequently these intersections of identity are discussed or reflected in TCK media. Maddie believes community archiving could be an opportunity to foster belonging in the TCK community, through storytelling and a connection to our history. Archives can capture lives exactly as they are, including their diversity and messiness.

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