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Poster Presentations will each be 3.5 minutes of pre-recorded content per poster. Posters are designed to display ideas worth spreading. They will be displayed during all three days.

Poster Presentations
Sat March 13 2021 02:30 UTC | Sat March 13 2021 17:30 UTC | Sun, March 14 2021 08:30 UTC

Embracing and Bridging Differences: A Case Study on Singapore

Ekta Kalwani

This Poster Session will use Singapore as a case study to explore how multi-culturalism contributed to the nation’s success and will examine key learning lessons for companies to incorporate for their diversity and inclusion campaigns.

Cultural Hybrids: The Relationship Between Cross-Cultural Adaptation, Cultural Identity, and Reverse Culture Shock

Polly Collingridge

Do you feel your values and priorities have shifted since living in another culture? Have you returned ‘home’ only to find it doesn’t feel that way anymore? Although widely acknowledged to be a tougher experience than culture shock, reverse culture shock has been far less studied. This poster presentation will consist of quantitative psychological data that illustrates the relationship between cross-cultural adaptation, home culture identity, and reverse culture shock, as well as some preliminary analysis of the impact of cultural distance (ie the extent to which two cultures differ from each other) on these relationships. Polly hopes that her findings will stimulate some interesting discussion, especially for those who have experienced reverse culture shock themselves or for individuals who work with those suffering from it.

Employing Collage Life Story Elicitation Technique (CLET) for Research Method and Counseling with Third Culture Kids

Anastasia Aldelina Lijadi

Collage Life Story Elicitation Technique is for researchers, counselors or any patrons who will benefit from using autobiographical remembering to allow participants to construct their stories and emotions in non-verbal and verbal modes through collage making and semi-structured interviewing. This poster will include a research-based presentation on the effectiveness of CLET, followed by an in-depth explanation of the 5 steps and analysis of CLET, as well as details of the experience of conducting CLET.

Hidden Struggles of Multilingual Students: Helping Them Thrive Academically

Saeko Mizuta

The majority of the world’s population speaks two or more languages. Yet, many still treat bilingualism as a novelty, especially when one of the languages is English. Often, parents, educators and the child hold conflicting views of what the languages mean to the bilingual child or how they affect the child’s educational outcomes and wellbeing. We will discuss the social factors that drive parents’ choice of schooling and educators’ perceptions of their students’ progress in language acquisition. We will highlight the voices of multilingual children, focusing on their struggles, common pitfalls and the tools that can provide them with linguistic, psychological and cognitive scaffolding for their education and development. The tools are applicable at home and school, as well as where the two meet to begin a dialogue with and for the child.

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