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Embracing & Bridging Differences.

Thank you to everyone who made FIGT2021 so special. We are grateful to our sponsors, presenters, volunteers and attendees for being so willing to share your time, energy and expertise.

Access FIGT2021 until September 2021
If you registered for FIGT2021, please remember that you have access to ALL of the conference content online until September 15, 2021. Please just access the conference platform using the same link, email and password that you used for the conference. If you no longer have this information, please contact Melanie Wilcocks at admin@figt.org.You can also view the conference schedule here.

If you presented at FIGT2021, you are now invited to submit an e-poster summarizing your work.
Submissions are due by 31 August 2021.

Reflections on FIGT2021
If you were not able to join us for at FIGT2021, please check out the blogs and videos here for some of the reports and feedback shared by our volunteers about this year’s event.

Hidden Struggle of Multilingual Students

As parents and as educators, we often overlook the struggles of multilingual children as they learn and study in various languages. Educator, ATCK and 2019 Pollock Scholar Saeko Mizuta debunks some myths and gives great advice in a punch-packed FIGT2021 poster presentation.

Becoming a Microcosm of the World, for the World: Reflecting on FIGT2021

“Becoming a microcosm of the world, for the world. It’s not a matter of you fitting into FIGT, it’s a matter of you belonging here,” says Nominations Director and intercultural training consultant Megan Norton as she reflects on FIGT2021.

Language, Family and Identity: Parents Share Their Bilingual Education Journeys

Families choose to raise their children bi- or multilingually, but the paths they take are unique to each. Blog Editor Ema Naito-Bhakdi reflects on the FIGT2021 session by Diana Limongi and Elizabeth Greninger on “How Languages Help Communities Embrace Differences.”

Welcome to the Family: My First FIGT Annual Conference

Long-time FIGT volunteer Anna Svedberg was nervous to attend her first FIGT Conference. But much to her relief and delight, she found herself welcomed into the family at FIGT2021.

Reflections on FIGT2021: Flor Bretón-García (English)

Reflections on FIGT2021: Flor Bretón-García (Spanish)

FIGT Member and Communications Co-Director Flor Bretón-García shares what she learned at our first ever virtual conference last month and the impact that it has had on her life, in English and Spanish.

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